Man charged with killing son

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By Patrick Yost editor

When Sheriff Robert Markley arrived at the 5840 Atlanta Highway, Rutledge residence of Arlie Wilkerson he asked an elderly man sitting outside in a wheel chair if he was armed. The man told Markley the gun was inside. So was his son, dead from six pistol shots fired into him while he slept, reports state. Markley and deputies Justin Davis and Adam Howard where all responding to a 911 call last Friday at 8:30 a.m. where a man said he had killed a man in his house. The man was told to wait outside until authorities arrived. Wilkerson, 82, did as he was told. Markley found him there waiting. His son, Bryan David Wilkerson, 54, was found in his bed, deceased from result of six .22 caliber pistol shots fired into him. One struck his head, the rest his body. Arlie Wilkerson, a decorated Korean War-era veteran was charged with murder. According to Markley, Wilkerson told him at the scene the shooting was, in part, because of alleged mistreatment of Wilkerson’s wife, Francis Wilkerson, by her son. “Arlie made the statement that he had been abusive to his mother,” Markley said. “He told me he shot him when he was sleeping.” Reports state that an emotional Francis Wilkerson told authorities that she had heard shots but “thought the noise was a walker.”

She said she had never heard gun shots before. Markley said authorities located an empty .22 caliber revolver inside the house. Once the scene was secured, reports state, the Georgia Bureau of Investigation was called to the scene to help in the collection of evidence. A deputy reported that while standing with Francis, Arlie and another son outside the residence all three said there had been emotional and verbal abuse towards Francis from Bryan Wilkerson. The body was transported to the GBI Crime Lab in Atlanta for a forensic autopsy. Arlie Wilkerson, as of press time on Tuesday, remained incarcerated in the Morgan County Detention Center.

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