Cold now but soon we’ll be complaining about the heat

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I was right it is just down right cold this morning and I think there’s more to come but before we know it some will be complaining about the heat. Last week was so nice and James really did get a lot of cleaning up outside, even cut a tree or two down and got our little garden spot ready to plant. He does love to work outside and it does keep this 85-year-old man going.

Such a good crowd at church and with several families of visitors. Love to see this. Butch brought a good sermon from 1st Corinthians 15. A good sermon telling us about untouchables, such as God, and the evidence of God.   I get so involved in the sermon I forget to take notes. You’ll just have to come and enjoy this experience. After the morning worship we had our monthly luncheon fund raiser for the Building Fund, which was successful. We do thank those for the extra donations, made my heart glad and I’m so proud to say we are going forward, not backward with our church. Thank you Lord, for your blessings on us. Ruby McCord, her daughters, Robin Adams and Wanitta Roach and the three little ones enjoyed a trip to Tybee Island last week. I love to see the little ones when they put their feet in the water for the first time and enjoy that experience. I meant to mention this last week Barby and Richard Riffle are the proud grandparents of a brand new little grandson. His name is Lian Andrew and he’s the precious son of Candy and Jake.

Congratulations to this family and the new addition and I think today (Monday) is Jake’s birthday. Happy birthday I just can’t imagine you being a grown man with a family how time goes by. What joy our kids experienced on Saturday as they delivered the teddy bears to the children at Scottish Rite Hospital. It makes you appreciate your good health when you see children that are sick. Before leaving Cindy Smith and Billie Jo Arnold fixed a breakfastfor all, then after leaving the hospital they went to downtown Atlanta and handed out bags to the homeless.   This can really become a humble a person. Afterwards they enjoyed lunch and then they all went to a movie so I can say our Youth had a great day and we are so proud of what they are learning about life. We were so glad to have former members with us on Sunday, Brandon and Nicole Morris and the three little ones were down for the weekend visiting relatives and came to church. We really miss them but so happy they have found a church home in CobbCounty.

Glenn Pruitt has been in “Grandfather Heaven” for a few days. He’s just returned from a trip to California where he visited his daughter and got acquainted with his brand new little granddaughter. I know that Great grandmama, Sue, cannot wait until she has the opportunity to see her. What joy the babies bring. Ruby McCord had the pleasure to go with her daughter-in-law, Becky to the Showstoppers Competition in Atlanta where Ruby’s granddaughter Terri Bryan danced to “Sky Fall” competition solo act.  She won a platinum trophy for this act, and second place over all in her age group.

Congratulations to 14-year-old Terri. Sunday morning we will be having Sun Rise service at 7 a.m. at Bell’s Lake no Sunday school, then worship hour at 11 a.m. So glad to see Herman Evans back in church on Sunday after his recent open heart surgery. In fact, he and Shondia had their whole family with them. Be sure to see any of our members to purchase your Chicken Barbecue tickets.  This event will take place on April 30th. Belated anniversary wishes for Rebecca and Derek Jenkins on March 19th.  And birthday blessings to my friend Don Elrod on the 26th.  Special wishes for Rebecca Jenkins on the 27th. As we go into this Holy week, let me wish each of my readers a most joyous Easter. I will begin welcoming my family in on Wednesday and this makes this old Mama/Grandmama happy as they all gather here on Saturday. Until next week, may the Lord bless you real good.

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