“Keep on asking and you will be given what you ask for”

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Glad to be back to Madison Health and Rehab on this beautiful Saturday morning to greet all of my friends. We had a bless turn out this morning. If you have nothing to do come join us on every third Saturday. Among those on the program were Sis. Amber Goss opened the service with prayer; USBC members sang a song; Sis. Sara Meadows read the scripture from Psalms 100; Sis. Hazel Lunceford, a resident sang a song; Mother Elaine Atkinson did an inspiration; Evangelist Lizzie Stokes had prayer; Bro. Gary Williams sang a song from the hymnal; Sis. Willie Ann Johnson had a reading, “Doing the Father’s Will”; Sis. Lunceford had a song, “Beulah Land’; Mother Doris Shepherd, the Word, “Do you believe?’ Matt. 9: 18-30; a poem by Bro. Trimaine Monday; another song by Mother Atkinson; and Bro. Gary Williams led in a song and had the dismissal. Continue to pray for all the sick, shut-ins and bereaved. We ask God to keep blessing this ministry. Thought for the Week: Keep on asking and you will be given what you ask for. Matt. 7: 7

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