Mary Nunn new senior director

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By Reann Huber managing editor

Morgan County Senior Center welcomed their new Director, Mary Nunn, back in December and she has fully enjoyed her time working there as well as interacting with the seniors. Nunn started her position as the Senior Center Director on December 16, but has had varying jobs prior to this position. She was working with youths in the Department of Juvenile Justice for 2.5 years and prior to that, she was a Case Manager and Supervisor at the Department of Family and Children Services for 13.5 years. With her previous work experience being among the youths, working with the seniors has been quite a change for Nunn. “I love going to work every day and hearing the Seniors next door to my office in the activities room laughing and joking around with one another,” Nunn says in an email. “It brightens my day.”

Nunn’s position includes developing, planning, and supervising various programs of service and recreation for those at the Senior Center, and gets to work closely with the senior citizens. The seniors are offered several different activities through the center and it is “a place for socialization,” as Nunn puts. Those who are a part of the center must be 60 years or older as well as independent. Through the center, they are welcome to take part in several activities, such as card clubs, games, bingo, exercise and fitness classes, line dancing, water aerobics, access to computer labs, and much more. Seniors also will not spend all of their time at the center. They take daytrips for shopping and sightseeing, as well as taking weekend trips to various places.

A special program of theirs, called Family Ties, is for grandparents/relatives raising their grandchildren/relatives. Participants must be over the age of 55 and the program provides assistance to the caregivers and the children through education, tutoring, parenting concerns, and relative caregiver support groups. On the second Monday of every month, they hold a meeting for the seniors and families. A meal and program is provided, which are typically donated from volunteers at local churches. It is evident that Nunn thoroughly enjoys her new position and is welcome to getting more people involved with the Senior Center. “We have a great group of seniors as well as staff at the Morgan County Senior Center,” Nunn says. “We would like to welcome anyone interested in joining the Senior Center, Family Ties, becoming a volunteer or all, to please come visit us.”

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