Rep. Dave Belton unopposed in November election

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By Tia Lynn Ivey managing editor

Dave Belton is seeking a second term as the District 112 State representative this coming November. Belton, who is running unopposed as a Republican, is the first Morgan County resident to hold this office in over 30 years. Roy Lambert was the last Morgan native to do so back in the 1980s. “I’m truly honored to have earned the trust of the community so much that no one chose to run against me. That is a rare feat for a freshman, especially these days,” said Belton, who describes himself as a “Reagan Conservative” and a “Christian Conservative.” Belton is a longtime pilot for Delta Airlines and before becoming a state representative, he served on the Morgan County Board of Education. He played a pivotal role in getting Caleb’s Law passed, an anti-texting while driving bill that was adopted in response to a Morgan County High Schooler, Caleb Sorohan, that was killed in a car wreck while texting-and-driving. Belton is also a retired military veteran. He also recently helped pass a bill called Kelsey’s Law, which Protects teenage girls from having their personal information or facial image on a pornographic website. Belton advocates for a host of issues, including the Fair Tax, Second Amendment rights, securing the border, lowering taxes, and abolishing “Obamacare.” But according to Belton, he is most passionate about the education.

“My biggest accomplishments this term have been in education. I got beat up pretty good last year, but my insistence that we should have less standardized testing and that teachers should have more control of their classrooms has come to fruition in a very powerful bill this year,” explained Belton. “I’m also pleased that large districts will finally have to report how much money they are spending per school. I believe we will reveal many inequities and prevent widespread fraud that we have seen over the last few years. Both of these bills passed with unanimous bipartisan support.” But Belton wants to see even more done in the future. “The next session I’d like to tackle the high costs of tuition in our universities, eliminate the austerity cut in K12 education, and provide more opportunities for home-school kids. I’d also like to provide state income tax cuts to military retirees, as well as other measures to help our veterans,” said Belton. Although political service requires sacrifice, Belton believes the opportunity is well worth it.  “It has been very difficult to run for office, serve my constituents, and maintain my job, all while raising a family. There has been a lot of financial pain and enormous amounts of time away from home, but the satisfaction of knowing I’ve served my community well has been worth it,” said Belton.

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