This is Holy Week

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Our attendance was very good Sunday with members and visitors. We pray each one was blessed by coming and will come as God leads to be with us in any or all of our services. Prayer requests and announcements were made by Pastor Cottrell. The choir special was, “Amazing Love.”

Pastor Anthony Cottrell’s message, “Prepare the Way, John 21: 1-11. Today marks the beginning of Holy Week. Palm Sunday is a day that we celebrate the triumphal entry of Jesus into Jerusalem prior to His crucifixion. Zechariah foretold of Jesus’ coming and purpose. Zech. 9:9 Jesus made His way toward death, people were aware of the coming of Christ, He was on the way. They spread branches and clothes on the street before Jesus they thought He was a conqueror or prince this is how they were honored. They cast flowers, garland and evergreen before a warrior returning from victory, some scholars were saying Hosanna thinking Jesus was going to be a political leader sent from God and over throw the Roman government. The people kept asking, “Who is this?” Now we reflect on the last week of Jesus’ life and what it means to us. We mentioned Zechariah, now John the Baptist, John 1: 6-17, 19-34. John knew whom he was preparing the way for. He knew what Jesus would bring to all mankind. John knew the power of Jesus. John understood the importance he was doing was for the Great and Mighty Jesus Christ. John knew Jesus from the moment he saw Him. John told of Jesus’ coming and purpose. John witnessed it happen. Jesus knew what was happening. He knew what was to come. When Jesus was to make His way to Jerusalem He sent two disciples ahead to retrieve the donkey and tell the people He was on His way. Years of prophecy passed from one generation to the next. John lived the life as he proclaimed Jesus. With all the miracles Jesus performed and lives He changed, people still ask the question, “Who is this?” Zechariah, John. The disciples all told others that Jesus is coming. There is one more coming that Jesus is going to make and we are the ones that must be foretelling and proclaiming of this coming and the purpose that Jesus has at this time! 1 Peter 3: 5 We are the ones preparing the way for the Lord now, we are sanctified by Jesus’ sacrifice, prepared and equipped by the Holy Spirit to tell people that Jesus will come again!

Sunday night at 6 p.m. Patrick Alligood continued the Discipleship Study on the Holy Spirit. This is Holy Week we have been writing about each week. Time the Citizen comes out two services will be over but Thursday night, March 24, Rev. Jeff Hicks will be at Lake Oconee Baptist Chapel on Friday night, March 24 Rev. Anthony Cottrell will be at Rutledge Baptist Church. Make plans to attend, 7 p.m. Brownwood Meal Ministry continues to be going good, the recipients are very appreciative each week, the families of the recipients are also grateful for us doing these meals for their loved ones.

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