William Brewer: Superhero

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By Tia Lynn Ivey managing editor

A Madison Police Officer, William Brewer, is on a mission to bring joy to the lives of sick children. Brewer, 24, has started a GoFundMe.com campaign to raise $4000 in order to purchase an authentic suit of the popular superhero Iron Man. Brewer plans to visit sick children while dressed up as Iron Man to brighten their difficult days. So far, Brewer has raised over $2000 toward the cost of the iconic superhero costume. “My primary goal is to put smiles on the faces of children with chronic or terminal illnesses. Children are suppose to be enjoying life to the fullest, having fun, and not worrying about the stresses being in a hospital brings. Seeing a child in pain is one of my biggest weaknesses,” said Brewer. “From before I can remember, I wanted to become a police officer to protect and serve the members of my community. I try to offer a hand and help anyone in need. However, there is one thing I realize I cannot fix, and I need your help to achieve this goal,” said Brewer of his mission to encourage sick children. Brewer, three years into his law enforcement career, was moved by a documentary he watched about a terminally sick child when he first got the idea to visit sick children dressed as Iron Man.

“What is something I can do to put a smile on a child’s face? What is something that will get their mind off the disease they are fighting? One thought came to mind,” remembered Brewer. “A super hero. Every child has a favorite super hero they look up to or admire. I am optimistic to reach a unique goal to purchase a full Iron Man suit to visit children in hospitals. I could throw on a t-shirt with a mask symbol, but can you imagine a child’s awe when a real super hero walks into their hospital room with words of encouragement? I will describe the suit to the children as a symbol of strength and determination, the two things every child fighting for their life has in common.” Officials from The Children’s Hospital of Atlanta, The Bert Show (a radio program) and Camp Twin Lakes in Rutledge have all expressed their desire to have Brewer visit in his Iron Man suit to encourage the ill children they serve. Brewer, who was born and raised in Madison and graduated from Morgan County High School, kicked off this fundraiser in January. He is hoping the rest of the money to fund the purchase of the suit will come in soon. “I get discouraged sometimes,” said Brewer. “But it will happen when it’s supposed to happen. To help Brewer reach his goal and donate to his GoFundMe Campaign, visit: www.gofundme.com/ironmanforacure. To find out more about the suit Brewer wishes to purchase, see more information here: https://buyfullbodyarmors.com/. “I am just trying to give back, however I can,” said Brewer.

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