Shine a Light: Spiritual Paintings

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Special to the Citizen

On Friday March 11, the Steffen Thomas Museum of Art hosted the opening reception of Shine a Light: Spiritual Paintings by Chris Cook. With over 100 people in attendance, and many works of art sold, the event was a spiritually charged and inspiring evening for everyone in attendance.

Shine a Light offers an inspiring vision of a lifelong creative journey down a spiritual path. The exhibit features a collection of religiously themed works that are visually stimulating and emotionally uplifting. Cook, owner of Madison Studios is not only a very successful web design business owner he is also a well known and accomplished artist; the works displayed in this exhibit highlight explorations through some of his most personal and spiritually charged themes. The paintings explore a variety of painting techniques, styles and perspectives and give voice to the artist’s deep feelings about the subject.  Displayed alongside Cook’s paintings is a carefully selected collection of Steffen Thomas sculptural works of a similar theme.  Religion, spiritualism and philosophy were recurring inspirations for Thomas’s works and those selected for this exhibit fit seamlessly with the glorious paintings created by Cook. Together, the paintings and sculptural works tell a universal story of spirituality, compassion and hope.  Curated to illuminate the spirit of the Easter season, the selected works of this exhibit seek to offer a spirit of hope and renewal. Shine a Light will be running through April 23 at the Steffen Thomas Museum of Art.  Most of the works featured in the exhibition are available for purchase. The Museum is located at 4200 Bethany Road, Buckhead GA, 30625.  PH 706-342-7557  WEB

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