2016 Community Revival

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Greetings from The Springs!  Many in our area attended the Morgan County Ministers Union Community Revival on March 30, 31st and April 1.  The dynamic Apostle Nathan Byrd of New York was the nightly speaker and he truly revived us again!

The theme for the revival focused on making us aware that we are sons of God.  Apostle Byrd states that we have been missing our full rights and privileges of who we are in the context of Christianity.  Our “sonship” supersedes anything else including the titles that we give each other. 

Since this was a community revival, Apostle Byrd asked us to think about what we can do to move beyond our differences.  We have attempted this in noble ways but we are still divided and holding on to our positions.  We need to let go of all our categories and see if “sonship” can help us built a better unity.  We need to have a vision for Madison even though we know with this vision threats and complications will come.  Once the vision is birthed, it has to be protected to make sure it is okay.

On Wednesday night, the focus was defining “sonship”.  Luke 3:38 makes it clear that Adam is the son of God, therefore by lineage; we are all connected to the same Father.  We all have the same legal rights as a son of God.  The son walks in the same privileges and rights of the King.  He also goes about being obedient to the Father.  God gets pleasure in our obedience.

Thursday night’s message focused on the threat to our “sonship”.  Since we are sons of God, we are given access to benefits and opportunities.  With this, Satan is not going to celebrate our new position.  His job is to take away the walk God wants us to take.

As a son of God, we are in a new age.  Not only do we have more advantages but we also get to know God on a different level.

Apostle Byrd went further and said that whenever God is about to bring a deliverance, He raises a son.  That son will be raised in such a way that there will be an assignment on his life.  We see this with Jesus who was here for an assignment and left when it was finished.  It is important to note that any departure outside of the finished assignment is illegal.

Whenever God says something new is coming, the old is threatened.  An example is in the second chapter of St. Matthew where Herod tries to figure out how to kill the baby Jesus when the wise men asked where the real King was.  These men mocked Herod but they feared God.  Satan wants does not want us to realize that we can change the world as sons of God.

On the final night of the revival, Apostle Byrd tied everything together by giving us the three dimensions of son ship.

First, Adam was made in the image of God.  He gave him territory and jurisdiction along with a relationship with Him.  When God made Adam, there was a purpose behind it and this gives us a picture of the original intent.

In the second dimension, the power of the Holy Ghost created the Son of God out of nothing.  Jesus came along and He is not like any other man.  He was Adam’s replacement and He walked in obedience.  By walking as a son of God, He had dominion over the earth.  Jesus ends up changing the world in three and a half years. 

The final dimension is where we find ourselves as sons of God.  Now the enemy has to attack all of us as sons of God.  First, his focus was on Adam and then Jesus.  Today, the enemy is not just dealing with a single person.  This is why he tries to keep us separated.  We inherit everything that Jesus had.  We have the power of God.  We can speak and God will back up what we say.

The Father has made provisions for us.  We are to walk in dominion, power, authority and control because the Bible says so.  We are master of all.  Everything that we are dealing with today, we can master.  What was a problem should no longer be one since we are now mature as we realize that we are sons of God!

We have missed out on being the epitome of being sons of God.  We must mature and recognize that we have power, dominion, authority and control.  As sons of God, we can change Madison!

Pastor Stacey Carver of Harvest Time Church introduced Apostle Byrd each night.  He has known the speaker and his traveling companion, Apostle David Kenny, for many years due to their work in Southeast Asia advancing the Gospel. 

Personally, I have to tell you that it was great meeting many members of Harvest Time Church.  Many of them were there each night and we all had a glorious time praising our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. 

The host site for the event was Calvary Baptist Church in Madison.  Pastor Hoke Smith and his staff organized an inviting worship experience, which only helped to enhance the revival. 

At the end of the revival, it was announced that the City of Madison and local churches of Morgan County have entered into a collaborative effort to identify homes in Madison that are in need of repair.  Some of these homes will be repaired at little or no cost.  A meeting will be held on Saturday, April 9 at 10:00 am at the City of Madison Public Safety Building in Suite 400 located at 160 North Main Street. 

On Sunday, April 3, 2016, in addition to several baptisms there were christenings for two families.

The first was for Little Miss Mariah Jeanette Shy.  Her parents are James Shy and Brianna Harper.  The second was for twins, Little Miss Damia Danae Benford and Little Miss Damiya Samone Benford.  Their parents are Demario Benford and Shymarious Ballard.  We know that the Lord is pleased with these beautiful baby girls being dedicated back to Him!

Pastor Terrell announced the Christian Learning Center at Morgan County High School, which will offer a class in Christianity.  This will be an elective course and students will receive a class credit for it.  There will be an introduction banquet on April 26 from 6:30 to 8:30 pm to detail this project.  I will keep you posted with more details soon.

Saturday, April 16th will be Senior Day for those 55 and older at The Springs.  They will attend the Black History Parade that morning and attend the appreciation service for Pastor W. J. Reid that afternoon at 4:00 pm.  Pastor Terrell will bring the message for that occasion which will be held at Springfield Missionary Baptist Church.

Pastor Robert Terrell yielded the sermon portion of the worship service to Prophet Raymond Varnadoe of South Carolina.  His focus for the morning was being baptized in the Holy Spirit.  His scripture readings came from Galatians 5:22-26, 6:7-9, Acts 18:24-26 and 19:2-6. 

At the end of his message, he baptized many in the congregation with Holy Ghost with the evidence of speaking in tongues.  This was an amazing experience to witness and be a part.  This was one of those programs that you really had to be there to grasp the full encounter of the power of the Lord!  Glory Be To God!

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