Bostwick City Council firms future growth plans

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By Reann Huber

staff writer

This month’s city council meeting in Bostwick was spent discussing the comprehensive plan with one of the planners for Morgan County Comprehensive Planning team to update their community goals, need and opportunities, and work program.

Marilyn Hall, AICP, went through the proposals of the comprehensive plan for Bostwick with the mayor and council members. For the draft vision statement, Hall ensured they put an emphasis on the small town charm and historic attractions in Bostwick as being the main focus for this plan.

Hall discussed issues that were brought up by the public, including a vibrant, healthy downtown, sustainable economic prosperity, responsible public investment, housing for people in all stages of life, promotion of active and inclusive small town character, and preserve natural and cultural resources. All council members present ensured they were opposed to including close grocery stores in Bostwick’s downtown area, like Dollar General.

“I think the general consensus is that nobody wants to see that type of business coming to Bostwick,” Mayor John Bostwick said to Hall. “It doesn’t make sense either to have one in an unincorporated part of the county as there isn’t a dense enough population.”

Council members voiced they want to keep up the theme they have now with the small town businesses and character, but touch up some of the already existing areas. They discussed other issues in the local community, like the poor Wi-Fi accessibility and the “deplorable” cell service as council member, Angie Howard, put it.

For the latter part of the meeting, Hall had council members outline on a map of Bostwick areas that require special attention, including historic town center, rural conservation, low impact residential, historic and traditional neighborhood, and gateway corridors.

Lastly, council members discussed donations for the ball field park, as well as Veteran’s Memorial Park. Citizens will be able to donate money to have a plaque for trees, benches, and trashcans in the ball field park and bricks for Veteran’s Memorial Park. Further information will be available soon on pricing.

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