The Lord knew my feelings…

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Usually we go from winter right into hot days and we are so enjoying these semi cool, pleasant days but the pollen has been bad but it will soon be gone. Then what will the hot weather be as hot as this weather is nice?   We just wait and see but thankful for these beautiful days. James has gotten a lot done around here with an early jump. That tornado that came through our yard and took down several of our trees have now been replaced with apple, peach and pear trees. He is so happy just out “playing in the dirt”

Sunday started out to be windy and chilly but later turned into a beautiful day. Morning worship was so good. I started out to sing one of my favorites and I will admit I’d not practiced enough and my throat was not good and Clarke Kesler would havehidden his face in shame as I did my version of “Camel Train Song” one of the most beautiful songs, according to me but you know, the Lord knew my feelings and smoothed over any mistakes I made and He saw to it that I had enough breath to get through the song. Thank you Lord for your blessing.

Butch brought his message from Hebrews 10:19-25, “The Path of Contentment”.  Do we live a life of contentment?  It doesn’t come only though living for Christ. We have tools to be content but still we struggle.  There is a happy place of contentment we need to know our assurance that nothing can harm us. We need to know we should have love for one another and give words of encouragement.

To be loved we need to love and to be served we need to serve. Still so many sick and so many losing loved ones. We send our sympathy and love to the Stewart family. Wayne Stewart, brother to our own Eddie Stewart recently took hold of God’s hand.

Shannon’s first cousin, the son of the late Laura and Gene (Aubrey) McCullough lost his life recently. We send sympathy to Gene and to Shannon on this loved one’s passing. 

On the brighter side Gin ny and Danny Bell helped Ginny’s daddy, Felix Brunot along with the family celebrate his birthday AND Ruby McCord had a great weekend with the Annual Stewart Sister’s get together. What joy it is for sisters to be able to do this, Ann Mullins, Myrthelene Astin, Mary Saul, Betty Harrison, Arlene Banks, Eva Payne, Adell Peters and Ruby Stewart McCord, all at the Quality Inn, attended the memorial for Vi Robertson.  All the celebrating ended with all attending worship service at Brownwood Baptist on Sunday morning where their mother was a lifetime member.

I am so fortunate to come from a loving family. My mother’s side of the family was exceptionally large especially at reunion times but that is no more they are slowing leaving us. There are 11 of us girl first cousins left and I’m so excited that they will be coming to my house on this Friday. We are all going to enjoy a good vegetable and cornbread meal and end up with some spending the night with me.

What joy is in store for us there are only seven of the boys left.

Oh, I love my family so much I pray we’ll have good weather AND THAT I CAN GET MY HOUSE CLEANED UP!!!!!!

This Thursday night at Maysville Methodist Church with Clarke and the gang, Annette Herndon will be in concert. It all starts at 6:30 p.m.

April 16th, “Festival Back in the Woods” will be held near Conyers and I’m looking forward to singing and enjoying all the other acts that will be performing. God has surely blessed Forrest Hill.

LIFT will be meeting on April 7th with a special guest at 6:30.

Happy birthday to Shondia Evans on the 8 and a big wish for Little Miss Annslee Waddell on the 10.  Also Cindy Smith on the 10, Basil Weathers on the 11.

Don’t forget to get your tickets for our annual chicken barbecue to be held on April 30th.   See any of our members.  Also we still have “Bed Buddies” for $5.00.   All to benefit our building fund.

Until next week, may the Lord bless you real good.

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