Being obedient to your assignment

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Greetings from The Springs! Don’t forget that this weekend will be full. Seniors 55 and older have a day out on The Springs. That morning we will meet to participate in the African American Parade and that afternoon at 4 pm, we will attend the appreciation for Pastor W. J. Reid at Springfield Missionary Baptist Church. Pastor Robert L. Terrell, Jr will bring the message for that occasion. Signup for this outing by this Wednesday with Terri Mapp-Veasley, Sandra Lockhart or Krissy Roberts. Students taking Spanish at Newton College and Career Academy arrived back on Saturday, April 9 from a weeklong trip to Spain. Dr. Alison Woodard of USBC and the academy accompanied eight students and they visited several locations including Barcelona and Madrid. One of the students participating was Shaunice Baker, daughter of Jamie Baker and granddaughter of Richard (Pop) and Rebecca Hubbard. Youth that are planning to participate in Youth Week have practice on Saturday, April 23 at the Old Mill Road location. See Amber Goss for more details. Before the main sermon, Pastor. Terrell, Jr gave us a quick Bible study lesson on his cloths and the staff that he keeps in the pulpit. Many have had questions about them, so he gave us a brief lesson on their meaning.

In addition, he encouraged all to come to Bible Study this Wednesday that will be focused on sound doctrine. Don’t miss this class! Whenever a tear falls from the man of God in compassion or whenever the man of God is preaching and the sweat pours from his body, this is important. When Jesus was at Gethsemane, the place of the oil press, He prayed until blood came from His pores. Those things came from His body during the time of excruciating prayer or pressure and it is only under pressure that the anointing flows. The oil is representative of the Spirit of God. The oil is created only under pressure. It is only under your persecution or your hardship or in your valley when God shapes you and molds you into what He wants you to be. For greater knowledge of the cloth, he examined Acts 19:11-12.

We know that the New Testament church began in the Book of Acts. You cannot put God in a box and say He does not move in this manner or that manner. By the hand of Paul, “God wrought special miracles.” God does the miracles and not you. You are the hand by which He wants to use. God uses whatever or whomever He wants to use without our approval. Here, working through Paul, “From his body were brought unto the sick handkerchiefs or aprons, and the diseases departed from them, and the evil spirits went out of them.” Similar to the way Paul did, Pastor Terrell uses his cloths in the pulpit in the same way. We often see him wipe the sweat of the anointing and throw it to someone for healing. To teach on the staff, Pastor Terrell used a common story that many of us learned as small children. In the account of David and Goliath, Saul gave young David his armor to go into battle. However, the armor was too small, so David “Took his staff in his hand.” He took the staff first.

It represented comfort and protection. This is what the staff does in spiritual battle. The reason Pastor Terrell keeps his staff and his cloths is that it is in the Bible! That was our appetizer for the morning. Now for the main course. Pastor Terrell began by saying that each one of us is on assignment the moment we accepted Christ and started following Him. There are times when we get confused about our assignment. Jesus comes against the religious spirits in the church in Mark 11. He shows us that the untamed spirit that is willing to obey is better than that old spirit that is sitting in the way. Here, God takes an untamed mule for a purpose. A person can be similar to this same animal. They can be wild as a buck but Jesus says if we will bring that person to Him, He can use them. They may be out in the world, not knowing their assignment, but Jesus says bring them to Him. The blood of Jesus will cure any symptom, any situation, any illness any kind of ailment. The blood of Jesus is against it! We do not have to worry about what the enemy has.

First, Pastor Terrell states that the disciples were obedient. Their assignment was to go and loose the colt. You have the power to do this. God has given us enough Word to use. The Bible says His Word will not come back void. They will hear you. They may act as though they do not hear you but use God’s Word. Also, wrap them under the Blood. However, in verse five, “and certain of them that stood there said unto them, what do ye, loosing the colt?” This is that religious spirit questioning everything. He knew that they were going to be questioned, but their assignment was to go and get the colt. When you are obedient for Christ, people are going to question why you do what you do. Keep your assignment. Don’t let any devil in hell forfeit your mission. You do it because the Bible says so. Moving back to verse four, the disciples found the colt at a crossroad. It did not know which way to go. Many people are like this. The colt was just there confused not knowing what to do. It needed someone to show him which way to go.

The disciples knew to take the colt to Jesus. In a practical sense, there are many wild bucks out in the world that need some direction and you have the power to bring them to church. In verse eleven, Jesus entered into Jerusalem in the evening. He was not happy with what was going on in the temple but it was too late to do anything. Jesus saw that things were not right there. He saw some religious spirits in there. That next day on His way back to the temple, Jesus was hungry and saw the fig tree.

Now, this is the one that you do not want to hear. This is the opposite of one keeping their assignment. The fig tree was blooming, looking like it was supposed to look, but the Bible says that again Jesus had a need. The first need was met with the colt but now it is another day. He was hungry and saw the fig tree. The problem is that the tree was not keeping its assignment. You may look like a good church member, choir member or deacon but if you don’t keep your assignment, premature stuff can come on you and take you out. Keep your assignment!

Jesus cursed the fig tree and it died. It is important to note that the disciples heard Jesus when He cursed the fig tree. He was teaching them to keep their assignment. Jesus went on, entered the temple, and turned over the tables of then moneychangers and the seats of those selling doves. He was upset in the way that they were handling His church. It was supposed to be a house of prayer where people were healed and delivered. He came against that religious spirit where everybody had to be paid and compensated. The entire chapter of Mark 11 shows us that Jesus can use anyone and anything. The disciples kept their assignment and they were blessed. The fig tree did not and it was cursed. Honor the Lord by being obedient to your assignment. Glory Be To God!

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