Enjoying this blackberry winter, but not out of the woods yet

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How did you all like this blackberry winter we have had?!   I hope it is over with now!  I have had all these weather signs drilled into me all my life, from my grandmother.  These old weather signs do pan out the majority of the time, so it made a believer out of me!   I knew we would have a blackberry winter when I saw all of the blackberry bushes on and around the place begin to bloom.   We even had a light frost here on the hill on Sunday morning, but it didn’t hurt anything that I know of.  I hope it didn’t at your place either.  BUT!!!  We need to remember what the original Mrs. Tri-Bee, Mrs. Frances Brewer,  always said…the daughter, Becky, was born on May 3rd in 1940 and on that day there was a killing frost which killed the cotton, corn, and whatever was up in the fields and gardens, so we are not scott-free as of yet.  That has been drilled into my head, too. Well, thankfully, I don’t really know of any sick among us, which is a real blessing and of an even bigger blessing is I don’t have a passing of a loved one to pass on either.

We praise the Lord for this! We do have some celebrations to tell about.  Brooks Bonner, the son of Molly and Dallas Bonner of Buckhead, and Emmie Maddox, the daughter of Davis and Sallie Maddox, both turned five years old recently.  Emmie celebrated Sunday before last down at Bonner’s Restaurant in Buckhead with birthday cake and presents.  Brooks also had a family birthday party down at Bonner’s Restaurant last week.  They are both really growing up and getting ready for kindergarten next year.  They both go to preschool and they celebrated with their friends there, also.  Happy Birthday to Brooks and Happy Birthday to Emmie!  Our neighbor and friend down the road, Jack Lindsey, is also celebrating a birthday this week.

On Saturday night, he and Karen had a few folks over for an early celebration.  His brother, Roy and his wife Karen from Douglas, Ga.,Jack and Karen’s sons, Jake and Matthew along with Carey, Kathya, Conner and Dalton Wages, Mrs. Marge Williams, Tommy and Raynor Cathey and Lewis Duvall and Bruce and I all enjoyed a delicious fried quail dinner with the trimmings.  When Jack and Bruce were going to Georgia and living in Teepee Valley, Roy and Karen were also living there while Roy was going to vet school.  They all enjoyed reminiscing about college times gone by.   Bruce told that when he and Jack were packing up and going back after the weekend, Dr. Lindsey would come out and the last thing he would always tell them was “Now, bear down with your studies boys!”  They would say, “Yes Sir!”  They still laugh about that!  “Those were the days my friend, I thought they’d never end….”

Happy Birthday, Jack! Connie Shumake has been busy with grandchildren.  The granddaughter’s soccer teams finished up their season last week and had pizza parties for an end of season celebration.  Bryson Burke participated in a JV tournament on last Wednesday and Thursday.  On Saturday Connie and Colleen Shumake traveled over to Hampton, Georgia to their cousin, Frede Wellon’s house where they met a friend who does bead and jewelry making from Seattle, Washington and North Carolina.  They all enjoyed doing a lot of beading and jewelry-making while there as well as having some good cousin time!  Raegan had a very good weekend this past weekend at the Southeast Regional Gymnastic competition in Florida.  She placed 6th all around out of 28 girls in her age group and in the Level 9’s.  The top 8 qualify for Eastern regionals.  That will be held in Virginia Beach, VA. later this month.  Mark and Raegan went as Mama had the tax deadline looming over her.  Carrie has wonderful gymnastic “Mama friends” who helped fix Raegan’s “meet-day hair” and they also face-timed with her so she could watch sweet Raegan do her thing!

Congratulations, Raegan! Howard and Dale Thompson attended a 1st birthday celebration for their great-grandson, Aiden in Athens on Sunday afternoon.  Marty and Connie Wilson spent the weekend at Lake Sinclair with all of their family and to celebrate their grandson, Harrison Thigpen’s birthday.  Harrison also turned five years old.  Happy Birthday, Harrison!  The Fairview Club is planning on meeting next Wednesday,  April 20th at the home of Patsy Holbert on the Eatonton Hwy at 2:00.  The music show at Perk Avenue on Friday night was a great success with McCayla Cook performing.  I heard they raised $900.00 for the cause, “Show Hope.”  That is great! Remember coming up the Bonner Family Reunion on May 1st at noon down at Bonner’s Restaurant and Antioch Baptist Church’s Bible School times are June 13th – 17th in the evening.  Bethany Baptist Church is also planning a Bible School and I will let you know the dates of that soon, so all of you parents can plan.

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