MCHS freshman get a look at real-life choices April 15

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By Reann Huber staff writer

MCHS freshmen get their chance to experience the third annual Teen Maze put on by the Morgan County 4-H Club on Friday, April 15. Freshmen will be thrown into hypothetical life-altering scenarios to show them how bad decisions can affect their lives. The scenarios that students are randomly placed in include parties, car crashes, arrests, court trials, pregnancy, and death. Each scenario that students face is meant to be impactful on the students and help them make better decisions in the future. Students will rotate throughout the day to go through their own scenarios. There will be four rotations, so students will be missing some of their classes but each rotation only lasts an hour and a half.

All students will have different experiences, but the end goal of this maze is to make it graduation, which not all students do. Students will wear a cap and gown and walk across the stage. At the end they will draw a GPA that is not their own and FBLA students will have a station called What’s Next, where students will be able to find out what kind of career they could have with their GPA. Morgan County 4-H Agent, Janet Woodward, said that students will have an evaluation that they go through at the end of the maze, as well as professional counseling if students need it. They can talk to them about their experiences in the maze and any questions that came up for them as they went through the maze. “And a reminder of what they experience is being that they’ll remember that if they’re ever in a situation where they have to make some of those choices that could be life changing,” added Shannon Cagle, another Morgan County 4-H Agent. Parents are also welcome to come view the maze before the students go through at the parent night at MCHS at 6 p.m. on Thursday, April 14. For the rest of the community, Woodard and Cagle wanted to advise the public that there will be emergency vehicles coming to the school for the different scenarios and will be used for demonstrations.

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