School system’s charter status is renewed by state

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By Reann Huber staff writer

Morgan County School District’s (MCSD) charter was recently renewed for a 10-year term by the State Board of Education. With this approval, MCSD will be able to continue in initiatives that have helped the growth of educational success here in Morgan County. Lt. Gov. Casey Cagle, applauded the school system and sent his congratulations to Morgan County superintendent, James Woodard, highlighting the importance of having this charter. “A ‘one size fits all’ education model is no longer viable in today’s ever evolving job market,” said Cagle in a letter to Woodard. “Our students deserve access to resources that allow them to pursue a career path that is intellectually stimulating, empowering them to gain employment in their desired field upon graduation.” Charter systems have proven to be very beneficial to students and the community.

Students are able to pick their own pathways, which will lead them to further success in their future careers. With the creation of the Morgan County College and Career Academy, it shows how much Morgan County cares in giving all students ability to reach their full potential and not have them all try and fit one mold. Woodard discussed evolving MCHS into a school of academies in this month’s Board of Education meeting. Under the new design for MCHS, potential academies that students could take part in would be the career academy, fine arts academy, academic academy, and sports academy. The charter approval and other initiatives that Morgan County is taking will allow all of their students and the community to prosper and they will be able to truly fulfill the MCSD’s mission: “to ensure that all students will be successful in their learning and personal development through a system characterized by extensive community and parental involvement, quality resources, an exemplary staff, a safe and caring environment, and a challenging, personalized educational program encompassing advanced technology.”

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