Sin is like a credit card: Have fun now and pay later

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Attendance Sunday morning was good, had some members back that were out last week, some are still out due to sickness and jobs. We were blessed to have several visitors with us; we pray God will bless them in many ways this week and they will come and be with us again as God leads. Visitors are always welcome. The choir special was, “Just a Little Talk with Jesus.” Pastor Cottrell’s message was, “The Missionary Message.”

“In March our church took up the Annie Armstrong Easter offering to aid in the spreading of the Gospel of Christ. She was born in Baltimore, Maryland. She came from a long line of prominent Baptist including great-great grandfather Henry Satre who helped establish the first Baptist Church in Maryland. She accepted Christ at age 20, became equipped to be a missionary. She worked with organizations ministering to African, Natives and Chinese American immigrants and indigent women. In 1888 she led the creation of the Women’s Missionary Union helping draft the constitution and serving as its first correspondent secretary, executive director. She facilitated communication between denominational leaders, local congregations and missionaries on the field. She was an extensive letter writer, hand writing 18,000 letters in one year.

During her tenure as head of WMU she refused a salary and traveled at her own expense on behalf of the WMU.” Wikipedia. Today we look at Jesus’ last message before He ascended into Heaven Luke 24: 44-49. Jesus was still trying to comfort and assure that everything that happened needed to take place and He was in control, after events over last week, He was trying to get all to understand that all is right and even more right than ever before. The scriptures say this had to happen to bring salvation to those who would believe.

The message was presented, repentance and remission of sins should be preached in His name! 1. Repentance – sincere regret or remorse; 2. Remission – the cancellation of a debt, charge or penalty; the forgiveness of sins. Jesus looked at disciples and charged them with this task, go to Jerusalem first, tell them they need to repent from their sins; the debt has been paid in His name. Matthew 28: 18-20. The last message Jesus put out there for all to see, hear and read. We must go and make disciples. Our message is repentance and remission of sins in His name, not a legalistic message but a message that focuses on the redemption by Jesus Christ. Romans 3: 21-26, Colossian 1: 19-22, Colossians 3: 1-17. Seek Christ not carnality, our life is hidden with Christ in God, but we must seek those things which are above, show the new character. Have love of God in us; spread the Gospel when we love like Jesus loved.

Read Acts 26: 1-23. Sunday night at 6 p.m. Patrick Alligood began the Discipleship Study on Faith. Next Sunday Night, April 17 at 6 p.m. Brownwood will have their Regular Quarterly Conference; all members are urged to attend. Saturday the Women’s Ministry met at the Brownwood Community Building. Those attending were Brenda McAdams, Elaine McClure, Janice Jenkins, Connie Cottrell, Ellen Smith, Margie Ward, Alicia Cottrell and Janice Cronic. Saturday, April 23 and Saturday, May 7 a church workday will be held at Brownwood beginning at 7 a.m. Until. Breakfast will be served. All men are needed to come and help. Brandon and Gail Grubbs and Peggy Harper visited John Grubbs at Fort Campbell, Kentucky last Saturday, April 2 through Tuesday, April 5. John gave them a tour of the base. They enjoyed some special events while there.

On Monday, April 4 they were able to celebrate John’s 21st birthday and attended his graduation of his last training. John was presented his Maroon Beret. He is continuing training within the next few weeks at Fort Benning at Columbus. Our prayers and support go to all our service men and women and the families that stay behind and wait. Tuesday afternoon Margie Ward visited her sister Alice Cheatham, nephew Donald Cheatham and niece Laynette Wood in Athens. Sunday afternoon the Memorial Service for Bernard Oxford was held at Brownwood Baptist Church Cemetery. Rev. Rick Smith was the officiating minister. A large attendance of family and friends were present.

Among those attending were James Harold and Ellen Smith, Brenda McAdams, Patsy James, Margie Ward, Ronald and Florie Atkinson, Becky Stovall, Kristie Alligood and Anthony Cottrell. Our Christian sympathy continues to go out to his family during this time. April 24 Brownwood Community Meal and cookout will be held on Sunday evening at 6 p.m. Everyone bring food to go with cookouts.

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