The power of God has the strength to sustain us

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What a joy it is to say hello to each of you today; it’s a beautiful day, not windy and cool, just right enough to enjoy and I trust that each of you had a great weekend and the beginning of one of my favorite months of the year. A good time in church, some joy and some sorrow, but still happy to be in God’s house as Butch brought his message to us. He talked to us from Ephesians 4:17-24, “Breaking Sin’s Grip”. Today it seems as if sin doesn’t seem to bother the conscience as much as it once did.

If you ARE saved one of the most things that should bother you is the sin in your life. Sin is something that will haunt you until you die. We don’t like to think about our sin and we don’t enjoy knowing that we do sin. It’s something we all do and we should all have the sense to struggle with it. Today’s problem is that we are exposed to sin each day and it doesn’t bother or condemn us. The power of God has the strength to sustain us. Still so many sick in our congregation. Some having procedures that seem to help and much sorrow. We send our love, prayers and deepest sympathy to Alice Waddell in the recent death of her brother last week. We are here for you. I had a great time as I had some of my cousins to come down on Friday. There were only six that were able to come but we sure enjoyed a lot of love and a big table of just good vegetables and cornbread. Also, Gayle my daughter and Annie McClung, my sister’s daughter-in-law came down. So sorry those that had to work or had sickness could not be here. They were missed. Carolyn Gaylor stayed the night with us and that was so much enjoyment for me. Carolyn and I graduated together and have been close forever. Sure enjoyed that. The Johnson family is getting excited, as Russ Johnson is about to take that big leap of matrimony this Saturday. Congratulations to this “little boy” that was once one of mine, in my Sunday school class. There was a crowd at the George Harper place two doors up from us last week. That place doesn’t get used much since the passing of George and Genelle. So good to see action there. Have you visited our new “Ollie’s”?

I went up late on opening day. and sure did get some good values. Then on Saturday Carolyn and I went back and shopped a little. he found a lot she could use. I for one am glad to see Ollie’s come to Madison. Now what I want to see come to our town is a good eating place not a short order place, but a good sit down restaurant. Will that ever take place? James is out “playing in the dirt” again. I think he might be setting out our squash and tomato and pepper plants. Will we have a bad “blackberry” winter? I hope not. I’m so looking forward to this Saturday when a big crowd will be gathering for a full day of entertainment at “The Festival Back in the Woods”. This is not open to the public. But we are expecting close to a thousand to attend this little musical day. Butch and his family went up to Saint John’s Baptist church Sunday afternoon to hear the Saxon Family in concert. I’m sure they saw many of their old friends.

On Sunday night James and I, along with Jackie Bell went to Popular Springs Baptist to hear the Sonrise Trio. We sure enjoyed that outing. April 30th is creeping up. Don’t forget to get your tickets for our fund raising chicken barbecue, best around. All proceeds go to our “Building Fund” as does the sale of the Bed Buddies. To Little Karen Camilla Weathers, happy birthday on the 13th. Happy birthday to Sandy Waddell on the 15th. Reubin Morrow celebrates on the 19th. And special blessings for our great grand daughter, Olivia on the 13th, and for our daughter, Jill who will celebrate on the 16th. And I’d like to send special greetings to my cousin Jimmy Moon who lives in the Calhoun area. Hope your day is good. I love you. Not so much going on (that I can talk about), so…. Until next week, may the good Lord look after you.

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