Yard Sale May 27 and 28 complete with hot dogs

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On Monday of last week my husband and I, along with Dennis and Julie Godbee, went to the restaurant in Buckhead at lunch. We found out that it would be free. We went to get there before lunch because we thought that a crowd might be there. We got to go right in. There was a crowd already there but there must have been 10 or 12 ladies at t he door and on up to the food bar. We were told to go on to a table that they would bring our plates to the table. Service was good. Sure enough our plates came right on.

All of us had a plate just alike. We had green beans, mashed potatoes with gravy, a chicken leg and thigh and bread. It was very good and was enough to eat. As we got through eating five of the Morgan Transit buses came. They served 101 people. The crowd of people there were ladies serving from the Source of Light Mission. There was a group from the Swords Methodist. They sure did a great job. There also were “Sisters Helping Sisters.” The owner of the restaurant is Daisy Benford at Benny Paul’s Soul Food. The restaurant serves up some good food. My husband and I and some friends have eaten there several times, as well as one daughter picking up plates. They are open Wednesday through Sunday.

The Lake Oconee Baptist Chapel people are renting a bus to go to the Billy Graham Museum on May 17. They are pleased that the bus will have a bathroom for use as they go and return. As of this writing there are 49 that plan on going. I guess that this is almost a bus load. I pray that they will have a great time and a safe trip, as well as receive a blessing. The people at the Buckhead Baptist Church are pleased that their new building is getting ready to begin. The cement has been poured. Next Sunday the Buckhead Baptist will have several to be baptized. That is great! Dr. John Wade went to a memorial for his niece in Savannah. Several people will have birthdays. Freida Knight has a birthday on April 14; Aiden Denning and Angela have birthdays on the April 16. Happy birthday to each of you! Lake Oconee Baptist will celebrate “Young at Heart.” This will be later this month. Watch this spot for more information. Lake Oconee Baptist Chapel will have a yard sale on May 27 and 28. They will have hot dogs, drinks and chips, too.

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