Buckhead Council agrees to take down water oak tree

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By Reann Huber

staff writer

During this month’s city council meeting in Buckhead, council members discussed a mix of old and new business, including a proposal by a Buckhead resident to help save the community and himself some financial troubles.

Bobby Reynolds, Buckhead resident and owner of the skating rink, discussed with the council the issue of the water oak tree planted three years ago near the park that could soon take over the septic tank that is connected to the fire department and the skating rink. Reynolds used to put root killer in the tank to avoid such problems, but stopped after the tree was put in.

“Obviously it has found [the septic tank] water because we use a lot of water, and the tree has really grown,” said Reynolds. “That particular tree is going to be a financial burden on the community and me since it’s my responsibility.”

Council members all agreed that it would be best if they removed the tree than risk any issues that would come from the roots getting into the tank. They will try to preserve the tree and move it to another location, but members decided they already have plenty of trees and losing one would not be so bad.

Among the other business discussed at the meeting including the success of this year’s Old Buckhead Days race. People estimated about 300 were in attendance with 68 runners, and came out with a profit of just over $2300.

The council also had their preliminary look at the 2016-2017 budget, and will continue to update it until it is set in June.

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