Poor Decisions, Changing Lives

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By Reann Huber

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MCHS’s third annual Teen Maze was another success this year and based on what the participants and organizers said, clearly everyone learned a great amount from this event.

The Teen Maze is meant to teach freshmen what are the potential outcomes of poor decisions that they make that could drastically change their lives.Students were able to learn more about many topics, ranging from drinking and driving, drug use, teenage pregnancy, STD’s and more, and as Megan Morris, Director of Development and Community Relations at Morgan Memorial, put it “decisions determine their destinies.”Morgan County 4-H CEPA, Shannon Cagle, said the results from the survey that students take after the maze showed overwhelmingly positive results.Something else that students were asked at the end of the maze was “What is the most important thing you learned during the Teen Maze?” and many showed they learned the lesson of what making poor decisions can do to your future.

“It’s relatively easy to do something that can mess up your life, and you kind of need to look ahead and think about the effects some things can have on your future,” said one of the students.

Even those who were not students were truly appreciative of what kind of outcomes came from this event.

“As superintendent, I get to do some amazing things. However, the Teen Maze is at the top,” said Morgan County Superintendent, James Woodard. “Community collaboration at its best. All about helping our students understand the consequences of their choices.”

Assistant Superintendent, Sarah Burbach, also felt that “[students] discovered first hand that they come from a caring community of adults who donated their time to plan and create this awesome experience just for them and their future.”

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