Biz Buzz: Oh the gifts! The diamonds!

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Get your covered dish ready y’all ‘cause Momma and Pawpaw are hostin’ the family reunion to end all reunions right smack here in Bostwick! Shoot re! It’s time for the family US vs. ‘EM baseball game! Momma’s up to bat! Batter batter batter batter sa-wing batter! Bangin’ balls! Momma’s done hit it at outta the park! It just broke the sound barrier! It’s a homerun! Go Momma Go! She’s runnin’ those new knees like she’s eein’ the law! POP! Lord. Have. Mercy! Momma’s ball just found a home on the top of my handsome husband’s head and honey you ain’t never seen such a goose egg on a noggin’! Hey! Can somebody else please drive ‘em over to Morgan Memorial Hospital? I’m next up to bat and we’re on a winnin’ streak!

Yep there just ain’ nothin’ like Bostwick and baseball and parks! In fact Bostwick Mayor John Bostwick wants all y’all to participate in a project for the Bostwick City Park and Ball Field Refurbishment! So anyhow you can honor a loved one with a bench, tree or donation plus it’s tax deductible! ere are two opportunities for Dugouts, ve opportunities for benches, two opportunities for waste receptacles and 15 opportunities for trees! Check out the ad in this week’s newspaper and check out the upgrades

the City of Bostwick has already made in its walkin’ trails, fence, eld and dugout upgrades!

Mother’s Day is at on its way on Sunday May 8th and Momma and Biz Buzz are super, super excited! Oh the gifts! e diamonds! Oh the delicious meals! e pamperin’! Right so anyhow y’all can treat Momma like a queen at the beautiful Madison Tea Room on Mother’s Day from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. with a special Mother’s Day celebration under the chandeliers! It’s located at 200 West Washington Street across from Town Park and honey you cannot miss the two seven-foot-tall British Guards standin’ by the door! Oh and honey there are some great hats to wear while there too! Owner Kathi Russell is workin’ on the details as we speak! Call 248-705- 5010 for reservations,

which are recommended! Honey and Ricardo Casillas, owner of Ricardo’s Kouzzina located at 271 West Washington St., in Madison, is hostin’ his annual Mother’s Day Brunch Sunday, May 8 from 10:30 a.m. until 3 p.m.! Reservations are recommended but walk

ins are welcome! I’m talkin’ create your own omelet, smoke salmon and bagels, French toast, an assortment of salads, prime rib carvin’ station, grilled chicken and much more! Honey I didn’t even get to the dessert station! Ding dang! Call 706-342-0729 for reservations and check out Ricardo’s fabulous ad in this week’s paper for

more details!
Y’all if you are

lookin’ for some deals and steals, check out this week’s Classi ed on B4! Check. It. Out. Yard sales this Saturday on Jasper Street and an estate sale on Academy Street and a multi-family yard sale on Newborn Road in Rutledge! Plus honey there’s gonna be a fantastic auction at the Madison Lions Club Building on Saturday, May 7! Plus many, many more deals and steals! Check it all out!

Ok! is Saturday is gonna be huge so y’all get lots of rest! First up is the Grand Opening at the Farmview Market and they are hostin’ it’s rst farmers market 8 a.m. til 1 p.m. this Satruday, April 30! en head on over to Madison Fest from 10 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. in Town Park! Honey the weather looks like it’s gonna be perfect for Madison Fest! I at cannot wait! I’ll see y’all there! In the meantime, be real sweet, hug your momma and tell her you love her! I’ll

see all y’all next week!

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