Richard Sudden’s art exhibit debuts at Cultural Center

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By Reann Huber Sta Writer

Madison-Morgan Cultural Center will be showcasing Atlanta artist, Richard Sudden’s new exhibit, Illuminations, with a mix of light and sound to better highlight his pieces.

Sudden’s exhibit will be spread throughout three galleries at MMCC and his pieces are all multimedia. roughout the di erent galleries, Sudden will be using light and soundtracks to go along with his work, including three large 10 ft. x 8 ft. canvases. He has spent ve years working on these speci c canvases.

Multimedia has been the focus of Sudden’s work for the past 10 years and

has developed his own atmosphere to it that is di erent from usual art galleries.

“I’m creating an atmosphere, creating a space, that actually has something going on other than just paintings hanging on a wall,” Sudden said. “I will sometimes pick a space and it’s not like you’re necessarily entering a gallery, but a whole creative space.”

Since he has been living out in the woods, his show will be focused on minimal paintings with work that is really about nature and science on the big canvases that he has created. From his surroundings at his home, he was able to better respond to this minimalist

style of nature.
is will also be Sudden’s

second time showcasing his work at MMCC within the past ve years. His last exhibit he participated in was with 10 other artists, some being Atlanta artists. He was invited to come back and he was glad to do it.

“I like the people there and I like to come to Madison,” said Sudden. “In fact, I kind of wish I got my property more towards Madison than where I am now.”

Sudden has put a great amount of work into the installation of this exhibit in comparison to how long it generally takes.

Normally shows take a few days for set up,

but this show is taking a couple of weeks to do as there are many di erent elements and technology going into it. Another way that Sudden’s show will be di erent from other galleries is that it will be all new work, and not something that has been displayed somewhere else or is being reinstalled from previous shows. With everything that Sudden is incorporating, it will make for something fun and interesting for everyone to see.

Sudden’s show will be open to the public on Friday, Apr. 29 at the MMCC from 6-8 p.m. and they encourage everyone to come out and view his multimedia exhibit.

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