The Great Art Wall of Madison

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By Reann Huber

staff writer

Madison Artists Guild is holding its first ever “Great Art Wall of Madison” and it is encouraged for everyone to come out to this “creative community project to celebrate the visual arts.”

For this project, MAG is giving out 300 canvases to kick start this fundraiser, and nearly all of which have been distributed. People are free to decorate their canvases however they please, as long as it is appropriate for all ages.

Event coordinator, Lori Williams, said that people can use any material or design they want and have received back a wide variety of art.

“We have had people turn in canvases that have paint, marker, pencil, ink, fabric, paper, photographs, wood, cotton balls, and even 3D art,” said Williams.

This wide variety can also be attributed to the many people that MAG contacted to participate, like students from all levels, grandparents and great-grandparents, businesses, attorneys, council members, and more. MAG is really reaching out to get everyone involved for this event.

Once someone has completed their canvas, that is their donation back to MAG. From there, they create panels of art all containing 12 canvases and place them around town for everyone to get a bit of a preview for the actual event.

On the day of the party, that is where everyone will be able to see this creative community project where all the panels are combined to create the “Great Art Wall of Madison.”

The party will be on May 14 at Icehouse Creative from 5-8p.m. While the event is free, those who purchase a ticket of $30 will be entered into a random drawing for one of the paintings from the wall.

“It’s not an auction,” Williams said. “I would hate to see one of them not get bid on, but then everyone gets their own piece of the wall.”

After receiving a canvas, people are free to swap with others if there is one that they particularly enjoyed or found sentimental. It will be a great way to get the community more involved and see what kind of hidden creative talents that many have.

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