Tigers sign Ford to full athletic scholarship

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By R. Alan Richardson

sports editor


Morgan County bas- ketball star, Jordan Ford, has signed on the dot- ted line with Division-I Jackson State University in Jackson, Mississippi of the Southwest Ath- letic Conference for the upcoming season. e 6’7” 198 pound forward is being recruited as a shooting guard/small for- ward swing man. Ford said, “Assistant Coach De’shaun Dixon saw me play about three weeks ago and invited me for an uno cial visit where I worked out with the guys that day. Head Coach Wayne Brent o ered me a scholarship on the same day.”

Ford transferred to Morgan after playing two years at Luella High School where, according to Ford, he accumulat- ed over 1500 points in his rst two seasons. He played at Hampton High School the next year due to a new school opening and averaged 27 points his junior year. Ford commented, “My Mom (Ti ney Roberson) didn’t think the academics were very strong at Hampton so she moved here so I could get the education I needed. I also wanted to play for my former high school coach, Jamond Sims, for the Bulldogs.”

During his senior year he averaged 18 points per game and seven re- bounds. He was asked about his strengths on the court and said, “I think helping my teammates and doing whatever needs to be done whether it be defense, knocking down shots, rebounding, or blocking shots would de- scribe my game.”

e 19 year old senior then talked about the Bulldog coaching sta , “Coach (Jamond) Sims is a great coach. He’s always been there for me and al- ways encouraged me to be better because he knew my potential. Coach (Jonathan) Nelson is very organized and speaks up a lot to help the team come together as well as tell- ing you what you need to work on. Coach (Brian) Green is a good coach too who works out with us before and after practice to make sure we get the work we need and don’t

cheat ourselves while Coach (Milfred) Franklin is very intense and there when we need him to work with us.”

Jailyn Ingram and Devo- rious Brown got a lot of attention this season, and rightfully so, but Ford was the one ingredient miss- ing to help MOCO to the second state basketball title in three years. e unsung hero was quick to mention others in his life that helped get him to where he is today, “My Mom is number one in my life. She’s had a lot on her but she was there most of the games and has always been there to support me. My uncle, Stephan Ste- phens, was the Father I never had who pushed me to the max because he had been through this before. He taught me how to play. I couldn’t have done it without him. Coach Regi- nald Johnson (an assistant coach at Luella) was there from day one on a person- al, academic, and athletic level that helped me with anything when I needed him. He’s still there to- day for me and was at the championship game.”

Ms. Roberson talked about her son and his scholarship saying, “I don’t think I can put the words together to explain how proud I am of Jordan in the English language. In a nutshell I can say that he has made me proud enough to fall in love with him all over again. A mother falls in love with that baby when he’s born and continues to fall in love with them again with each success they have. He’s a good student who stays on top of his work. I don’t have to go behind him checking up on his academics.”

She added, “All the coaches and people he mentioned I have to thank from the deepest part of my heart for being there for my son. His un- cle, my brother (Stephan Stephens), I have to in- dividually tell you how much I appreciate you for stepping up and being the father that he never had. I’m just glad that Jordan was a part of this champi- onship season. e boys bonded so well together. I call Dee, Jailyn, and Jor- dan my triple-threat.”

At this point, Ford is thinking about majoring in Sports Medicine.

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