Bostwick City Council continues plans for new Veterans Park

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By Reann Huber

Staff writer

Bostwick City Council discussed future plans for the ball field park along with Veteran’s Memorial Park in terms of donations that people can contribute to these parks.

Donations have been set aside for benches and a dugout at the ball field park and those who have verbally committed to those donations have until the end of the month to fulfill their payments. There are still more ways that people could donate, including donations to trees, and the council members will work with whoever donates to set up their plaques how they would like.

As far as other work being done on the ball field park goes, council members discussed painting the rest of the bleachers to have a better appearance of them all, as well as an open ceremony for people to come by and see the park once it is all completed.

For the Veterans Memorial Park, they are working towards getting someone to make a plan for the park, which would include donations by American Legion. There will be a US flag, a monument with each branch of service, and different color bricks depending on a person’s status. It is still being decided as to how the donations for bricks will work and who will be able to donate to it.

Other business for the council this month included redoing stripes on different roads throughout Bostwick, hopefully near the beginning of June.

“He will stripe all the speed bumps in town,” Mayor John Bostwick said to the council. “We were going to stripe Echols, Apalachee, Fairplay… and Wellington is striped up until the turn at Ruark so if we have enough, we sill stripe there as well.”

Members also discussed taking out a block of concrete at the end of the sidewalk by the restaurant on Bostwick Rd. to run power to the new festival box. They will need to run a conduit under there and then have someone pour the concrete back.

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