Connelly to replace Cisson as Athletic Director

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By R. Alan Richardson

sports editor

Doug Connelly has a tough job ahead.  To come in as AD behind an icon like Steve Cisson is like replacing John Wooden or Vince Lombardi.  However, if there’s anyone capable of doing that it would be Connelly who has the background, resume, and personality to carry the torch.

He has served as director of football operations at both the University of Connecticut and Tulane University as well as spending time with the Cleveland Browns NFL program as an intern in their community relations program.  Not only that, he has been at Morgan County for the past 18 years as an assistant AD, coach, and teacher.  He knows the Bulldog family inside and out.

The new AD said, “There are a lot of things that attracted me to this position.  I’ll get to do different things on an hour-to-hour and day-to-day basis and always have multiple things going on.  We’ll have something new going on all the time.  Summer planning is coming up and then there will be fall, winter, and spring sports.  You will know that at certain times of the year you’re going to have certain things happening.  For example, this summer we’ll be pushing season tickets, dealing with budgets, needs in our coaching staff, and getting ready for fall football and other sports.”

He was asked about whether he was the next 41 year guy behind Cisson and he laughed saying, “My family is here and we love it in Morgan County.  Coach Cisson has been a mentor to me.  Just observing him and how he goes about his business, working together in this transition period, and his graciousness has made this as easy as it could possibly be.”

Connelly is still teaching social studies classes and said he was still obligated to his students and classroom responsibilities but commented, “Steve is not trying to get out the door.  He’s still our AD and has put our athletic programs in a very good position to be successful.  I’ve got a few ideas, but I’m glad it’s not a start from scratch job.  I just want our student-athletes to continue to have the best experience possible and be proud they are Morgan County athletes.”

This will definitely be a roll switch for him from coach and teacher to overseeing an athletic program that Cisson described as the best coaching staff he’s been a part of.  If it ain’t broke, don’t try to fix it as the old saying goes.  It is a monumental task that most fans don’t know about or appreciate.  Connelly weighed in again saying, “I want to be visible to the kids and get to know them at the same time.  I hope to be a bigger impact on them as AD by giving my best to our coaching staffs.  My job is to help make the coaches’ jobs easier.  I can’t do everything, but I read a quote from John Wooden that said his AD came to

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