Greenspace Commission considers 40–foot bridge to connect cemeteries

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By Reann Huber

staff writer

This month’s Greenspace Commission meeting was focused on old business and looking more into their future plans, including a new bridge being put in along the “Cemetery Trail” and potential work on the North Main park.

Commission members are looking at more plans for a 40-foot bridge that will be spanning the ravine in between New and Fairview cemeteries. They received quotes for an aluminum or steel bridge and discussed which material would be best for this project.

As of right now, a steel bridge would be a cheaper option but concerns among the members was that installation of it would lead to more costs as the bridge would weigh 10,000 lbs. Members will look more into design specs between the two choices, as well as see other work from the companies to get a better idea as to what is best.

For the North Main park, money has been allocated into next fiscal year’s budget and can go towards the assembly of the North Main park.

As far as plans for beautification goes, a non-Madison resident commented on the unpleasant look of the water by the bridge at Round Bowl Spring Park and Trail. They discussed the potential for putting an anti-mosquito equipment there to take away from the problem, as well as trying pump water up and let it flow back down to have a better flow in the water. A concern there would be further issues with a pump system.

For the trees that have been removed on crosswalks around Madison, members are looking to install new tree grates and different trees. Some will be visiting the University of Georgia campus to see examples of work there to try and incorporate in Madison.

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