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Madison Police Department

On May 1 a theft of lost or mislaid property complaint was filed at Morgan Memorial Hospital after a woman reported that while she was visiting her father at the hospital, she believes she left her billfold in the her purse in her father’s room. The woman said later when she searched for the billfold, she could not locate it. The billfold contained a driver’s license, checkbook, two debit cards and $40.

On April 25 a damage to public utility complaint was filed at Thrifty Mac drugstore, North Main Street after a man reported that someone had attempted to disassemble the electric meter to the store. Reports state that the meter was in various states of disassembly but was still functioning and electricity was still flowing to the store.

Morgan County Sheriff’s Office

On May 2 a warrant was issued for the arrest of Tomekia Lashonda Moore, 38, Madison for disruption with the operation of a public school. According to reports, Moore allegedly entered the Crossroads School, Bethany Road and confronted a student.regarding alleged ongoing problems between the student and Moore’s daughter. Moore allegedly told the student that “she had something for her.” She was asked by administrators several times to leave but allegedly refused. She was then told that the incident was going to be reported and she allegedly said “she didn’t care what happened.”

On April 30 a domestic dispute complaint was filed at a Whispering Lakes Trail residence after a man reported at 7:22 a.m. he had been arguing with his son for approximately two hours. Reports state that the son appeared highly intoxicated and that the father said during the argument he had slapped his son across the face and the son had punched him. The man’s wife said she too had grown tired of the argument and of the son using obscenities so she had entered the room where the argument was occurring and slapped her son several times on the face.

On April 30 a information report was filed at Interstate 20 after a deputy reported he was flagged down by a motorist regarding two dogs on the interstate. Reports state that the deputy located a black Labrador and a white American Staffordshire Terrier on the interstate. Reports state that the Labrador had a steel cable attached to its collar that had become entangled with a guardrail. Both dogs were secured and the deputy transported the dogs back to the kennels at the Morgan County Detention Center were they were provided with a kennel, food and water.

On April 30 a domestic violence complaint was filed at a Bethany Road residence after a woman alleged that her son, after returning from a mental health facility, had become enraged and threatened members of the family. The woman said the son began to identify himself as both a prophet of God and Satan before he began to destroy property around the residence including throwing bird feeders, a stroller, and chair and other items on a burn pile. He also allegedly poured a can of paint on a lawnmover. When informed that law enforcement was going to be called, the son fled the property in a white Jeep. He was later observed by a deputy near a lake at the rear of the property but fled again. Later, reports state, the subject’s father located him and returned him to the residence with the pledge that the son would remain calm for the rest of the evening.

On April 29 Ashlely Rerrica Robinson, 23, Augusta, was arrested and charged with possessing a schedule II controlled substance, drugs not kept in original container, speeding and no insurance. According to reports, a vehicle Robinson was driving on Interstate 20 was stopped for allegedly driving 90 in a 70 mph zpone. Consequent ot the stop, a deputy allegedly found a small white pill sitting in the vehicle’s center console. The pill was later identified as Vocodin.

On April 28 a theft of vehicle complaint was filed at an Apalachee River Road, Buckhead residence after a mother alleged that her son had stolen her 2008 Toyota Tundra. The complainant said she had picked up hay and had left her cell phone and the truck keys in the truck. When she went to retrieve the phone, both keys and phone were missing. The woman said she confronted her son and the phone was returned but he said he could not find the keys. The woman said  the next morning her son and the truck were gone. She said she had attempted contact the son via telephone but had been unsuccessful.

On April 29 a theft by taking complaint was filed at a Price Mill Road residence after a man reported someone had taken approximately $1,100 in cash from the glove box of his vehicle and a Craftsman self-propelled lawn mower from his yard. The complainant said he suspects two women who reside with him are responsible for the theft, in part, because he alleged both woman are “strung out on drugs.”

On April 28 a suspicious person complaint was filed at a Mallard Court residence after a man who is currently living in a tent said someone was walking around the tent at night. Reports state that the man said he observed someone outside his tent at 10 p.m. and he got out of his tent with a flashlight and chased the person. The complainant said the person ran through a wooded area and then got into a an early model white, Toyota Tundra that has large tires and is jacked up.

On April 28 a domestic violence complaint was filed at Deer Wood Drive, Rutledge residence after a woman alleged that her step-mother threw a laptop computer and candy at her. The complainant said she was ordered by the mother to clean up the room in which the complainant and her fiancé sleep in and while she was doing so the mother-in-law allegedly told the complainant that she was “throwing out the trash in her house.” The complainant said she left the residence and called authorities. She also said she was 27 weeks pregnant.

On April 28 Evan James Conner, 34, Rutledge was arrested and charged with possession of methamphetamine with intent to distribute and possession of drug related objects. According to reports, deputies went to Conner’s Cornwall Drive residence to execute an arrest warrant against him. When they arrived, reports state, they located Conner in the back yard of the residence. Consequent to his arrest, they allegedly found a pill bottle with 22 grams of suspected methamphetamine in one of his pockets along with a cut straw.

On April 28 a theft by taking complaint was filed at a River Woods Road residence after a man reported that someone had taken a .22 caliber Jimenz, a .25 caliber Sterling, a 40 caliber High Point and a .32 caliber H&R revolver. All the weapons are valued at $729.

On April 27 a 15-year-old male student at Morgan County High School was detained for terrorist threats and acts after he allegedly threatened to shoot and kill a fellow student. The student’s father said he had become fearful of the student’s behavior and had removed all firearms from the home. The student allegedly told authorities that he had made the threat and that “there’s nothing you can do to me because I’m a juvenile.” The student was then detained and was eventually transported to Morgan Memorial Hospital for a physiological evaluation.

On April 27 a fraud complaint was filed at a Little Creek Road residence after a woman reported that she had been informed by her bank that someone had used her debit card to purchase $128.34 worth of groceries at a Wal Mart in Decatur, Ga.

On April 26 an entering auto complaint was filed at a West Magnolia Loop residence after a woman said that after her sister had spent the night and left the residence, the sister noticed that someone had taken her book bag from her vehicle. The bag contained an Apple laptop computer and charger cord.

On April 26 a criminal trespass complaint was filed at the Source of Light Ministries, Eatonton Road after someone had painted a derogatory term against law enforcement on the rear glass on a van parked at the facility.

On April 26 Phillip Scott Dyess, 32, Winder, was arrested and charged with disruption of a public school and obstruction. According to reports, Dyess allegedly walked onto the campus of the Crossroads School, Bethany Road, and was smoking a cigarette while watching students play basketball. He was confronted by authorities at the school and left the campus. An officer later observed him sitting on a park bench and when he confronted Dyess regarding being at the school, Dyess refused to take his hands out of his pockets. The officer stated he had to force both of Dyess’ arms behind him because he resisted.

On April 26 a theft by taking complaint was filed at an Athens Highway location after a man said that after he left a tripod and tribrach on the side of the road while he was doing surveyor work, someone took the items during the man’s lunch break.

On April 26 a electronically furnishing obscene material to minors complaint was filed at a Riverwoods Drive, Buckhead residence after a woman reported that someone had sent her 13-year-old son a picture of a penis on his cell phone.

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