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Madison Police Department

On May 2 an information report was filed at Burger King, Eatonton Road after an employee alleged that her manager placed hands on her at work. According to reports, the employee said she and the manager got in a verbal argument regarding what time she could leave work. The employee said she told the manager she was leaving 30 minutes early and the manager said if she did so she would be fired. The employee alleged that as she was standing next to a door waiting on her ride, the manager shoved her while he was checking to see if the door was locked. An officer reviewed store surveillance tape and it showed that the manager checked the door to see if it was locked but did not touch the employee.

On May 8 Rickie Nelson Keeley, 56, Madison was arrested and charged with possession of a handgun by a convicted felon. According to reports, officers were called to a Micha Way residence in regards to a 911 call. When they arrived a woman at the residence alleged that during an agument with Keeley regarding money, Keeley allegedly produced a handgun and pointed it at the woman. Keeley denied possession of a handgun. Officers located a loaded handgun in a room in the residence.

On May 7 a burglary complaint was filed at a Lakeview Street residence after a man reported that when he came home at 9:40 p.m. he noticed that his pets were locked in a bedroom and the rear door to the house was open. The man said someone took eight Ocycoton pills from a medicine cabinet.

On May 7 an entering auto complaint was filed at a Belmont Street residence after a man reported that someone had taken a Ruger .45 NRA Edition handgun from his 2004 Ford Super Duty pickup truck. The complainant said he had won the pistol in a raffle. On the same day a resident on North Main Street, near the Belmont location, reported that four of her vehicles had been entered the prior evening and that a pair of Ray Ban sunglasses, $20 and a $20 BP gas gift card had been taken from the vehicles.

On May 7 an entering auto complaint was filed at a Hough Circle residence after a woman reported that someone entered both a 1998 GMC Yukon and a 2005 Mitsubishi Eclipse and removed two Garmin GPS units and a Kindle Fire.  The complainant also advised that her daughter’s vehicle, a 2012 Honda Civic, was also entered and that a Garmin GPS unit, an I Pad mini and Bank of America debit card where taken.

On May 6 an identity fraud complaint was filed at a East Washington Street residence after a woman reported that she received a Capital One credit card that she had not applied for and that she suspects another woman with her same name applied for the card.

On April 30 a forgery complaint was filed at Family Dollar, Eatonton Road, after an employee reported that a woman had used a counterfeit $100 bill to purchase three items totaling $10.99. The woman said when she realized the bill was counterfeit she had already given the woman her change and efforts to stop the woman from leaving failed.

On May 3 a vicious animals complaint was filed at a East Avenue residence after a man alleged that someone opened a door from the residence and released two bulldogs. According to reports, the man said he entered a fenced area to inspect a pool and that he observed someone in the residence look at him through blinds and then open the door and let the two dogs out. The man said the dogs bit him on the hand and leg and he had to seek medical treatment.

Morgan County Sheriff’s Office

On May 8 an animal complaint was filed at a Pierce Dairy Road residence after a woman reported that while she was getting her groceries out of her vehicle, two black German Shepherd dogs attacked her dog on her front porch. The woman said she and a friend were able to pull the Shepherds off her dog but not before they had bitten the dog on the back and neck. The dogs fled. A deputy located one of the dogs later and transported it to the Morgan County Detention Center kennels.

On May 7 an identity theft complaint was filed at a Blue Springs Road, Buckhead residence after a woman reported that she had received a text message from AT & T asking her to verify that she wanted a new phone added to her plan. The woman called AT&T and told a representative that she had not authorized adding a new phone.

On May 7 an unruly child complaint was filed at a Head Road residence after a man reported that his 15-year-old son had been disrespectful to the son’s mother. Reports state that the son’s cell phone had been taken for the past five days because he allegedly made a racial comment to a girl on a school bus. The complainant said he told his son he would not return the phone until he apologized to the girl. He alleged that the son took and hid his mother’s cell phone and computer as retaliation. A deputy spoke with the son who told him that “he was going crazy not having his phone…”

On May 5 Vincent Parks, 52, Madison was arrested and charged with possession of marijuana after deputies searching a Mapp Street residence for a convicted felon who allegedly had possession of an AK-47 type assault rifle found suspected marijuana in a jacket belonging to Parks.

On May 6 Amanda Ruth Ann Clark, 34, Greensboro, was arrested and charged with DUI, failure to maintain lane, following too closely, possession of marijuana and hit and run. According to reports, Clark allegedly struck a Ford F 150 in the rear on Interstate 20 at approximately 5:30 a.m. and then continued driving away. The driver of the truck was located at an Exxon station at the intersection of Interstate 20 and Monticello Highway and he complained of neck and back injuries and was treated and transported by EMS. Reports state that Clark was detained by a Madison Police Department officer and a Morgan County Sheriff’s Office deputy. After she was detained, reports state, a loaded pistol was located in her vehicle. Officers also allegedly found a tin foil packet that contained marijuana.

On May 4 an unruly child complaint was filed at a Mallard Drive residence after a woman said her  17-year-old nephew had left the residence on Tuesday, April 26 and had not returned. The complainant said her nephew left after she and the nephew argued because she would not take him to see his mother’s grave. The teen’s information has been placed in the Georgia Crime Information Center as a runaway.

On May 3 a sexual battery complaint was filed at a Fears Road, Rutledge residence after a 18-year-old female alleged that her ex-boyfriend attempted for her to have sexual relations. According to reports, the complainant alleged that the ex-boyfriend entered her bedroom and asked to talk. The complainant said she told him she did not want to talk and the ex then allegedly took her phone and told her he would not give it back until she agreed to sexual relations. The complainant said she did not agree and the ex allegedly punched a set of dresser drawers.

He then allegedly attempted to remove her pants against her will and she forced him away. He then allegedly head-butted the dresser drawers hard enough to force the drawers to fall to the floor. He then left.

On May 3 Steven James Harp, 37, Union Point and William Maloy, 21, Madison were both arrested and charged with affray and cruelty toward children. According to reports, Maloy went to a Seven Islands Road residence to pick up children.

While at the residence, reports state, an altercation began between Harp and Maloy and a third man regarding safety of the children. The argument escalated to the extent that Harp, a second man and a woman allegedly struck Maloy.

Maloy allegedly retaliated by throwing a toy at Harp, striking him in the neck.

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