Dr. Mal’s Message to the Class of 2016…

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For the past four years at MCHS, you have been surrounded by role models.  Some of their actions have been obvious to you and others might be so subtle that you would miss them if you didn’t pause to think about them.  Reflect on what you saw in those people and consciously strive to become like the best parts of each of them…

Here are just a few suggestions:

Be like Ms. Buxton.

Arrive VERY early every day so that you can do what

it takes to get the job done.

Be like Coach Cisson. 

Develop a reputation built on relationships and


Be like Mr. McCullough.

Step up when there is a need and unselfishly fill it.

Be like Ms. Dartnell.

    Love the planet and share that feeling and

commitment with others.

Be like Mr. Rowser. 

Love what you do so much that it shows.

Be like Coach Malone. 

Know what you stand for and stand up for it.

Be like Mr. Cook. 

Look for ways to have fun and find humor in hidden places.

Be like Coach Sims. 

Be humble and quiet yet powerful.

Be like Ms. Segrest. 

Have a servant mentality and do whatever it takes

to help people.

Be like Major Atkins. 

Have an unwavering love for this country and show it.

Be like Coach Davis Bell. 

Be loyal and stay connected to your roots.

Be like the anonymous donors who have helped out even when you didn’t know it and insisted on not getting credit for it.

Be like the people around you who have held your hand, been at your activities, given you advice, and supported you however you needed it.

From now on you will decide what you will BE…

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