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I have been going to Morgan County since I started school in kindergarten 13 years ago, but the truth is many of my classmates probably don’t know me very well. I have always been a shy and reserved person. However since I don’t say much it gives me plenty of time to watch. So here are some of the things I’ve seen over the years.

I’ve watched the guys in my P.E. class freshman year pass me the ball even though they know I’m a terrible shot. I’ve seen a boy in my class high five my special needs brother every time he sees him. I’ve watched students volunteer a day to put on the One Morgan Olympics. I’ve seen others give their time to make a kid’s day for Shop with a Bulldog. I’ve cheered as our boys’ and girls’ basketball team won the state championship. I’ve seen people sign on to play sports at various colleges. I’ve watched our robotics team go all the way to world competition. I’ve seen our musicians make District Honor Band. I’m impressed by everything I’ve seen as a part of the Class of 2016.

But the thing I’ve seen that makes me the proudest to say I am a part of the Class of 2016 came this year. After the tragic death of one of our classmates I was totally floored by the way everyone in our class banded together. I will admit I’ve never completely bought into the One Morgan idea, but after seeing the support that this class has for each other and the community I have to say I was wrong. Watching everyone’s actions after that terrible accident has touched me more than I ever thought the Class of 2016 would. So I just want to say thanks, and I am honored to be graduating with all of you.

– Elizabeth Cagle

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