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There are infinite possibilities ahead, and we should all look forward to experiencing them

After spending all this time in school, all I can say is that we’re DONE; we’re getting out! I know I’m not going to miss the homework, the long hours sitting, or the stress of senior finals. But I know I’m going to miss seeing my friends every morning when I come to school, all of us half asleep and yet still there and ready to learn. I’ll also miss the bonding during cross-country practice; who knew that sweating together is how you make great friends? But most of all, I’ll miss the amazing teachers who truly want their students to learn, and will stay late to answer question after question.

For all that we go through in high school and as we say our last good-byes, what we will remember are the friends and good times that we had here. They will stay with us because through the last four years we have all grown and started (but certainly not finished) on a long journey of finding ourselves, which will only continue as we go to college or work and the many possibilities that shine in our future. We are a group of people who no matter how dissimilar we may seem, we have been through happiness and heartache as a class. We have learned much, and our achievements will be commended by our parents and teachers as we walk across the stage on Friday night and graduate.

Even though I say “we’re getting out”, we are actually doing much more than just leaving Morgan County High School. We are getting out with an education from the books, teachers, friends and experiences at MCHS and we have worked hard to reach this point. So as we leave MCHS, my hope is that we all take what we have learned from our time here (long or short) and run with it. There are infinite possibilities ahead, and we should all look forward to experiencing them, because there is a great big beautiful tomorrow!

-Dana Hicky

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