Moore is a significant loss for Dogs

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By R. Alan Richardson

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The annual spring football game was played last Friday at Bill Corry Stadium/Legion Field at 4:30.  In what would be described as a very controlled scrimmage that pitted Dog-on-Dog competition, Morgan showed some growth at certain positions but it came with a price.  Head Coach Bill Malone said, “Spring was a success but with that success came a big setback. Rising junior strong safety and halfback, Tre’Mon Moore, suffered a significant knee injury and is scheduled for surgery in a week. I thought some of the positives were that the secondary did a good job transitioning to the spring with Jordan Huff becoming a vocal leader. We’ll look to him to help on offense as well. MJ Webb, Jodi McAlister, and Casey Cooper did a fantastic job showing their leadership skills on the field, participating in our fundraiser, and working at Camp Twin Lakes. The offensive line and linebackers grew during the two week period and the defensive line was strong as expected. Our QB position, with Trey Patterson leading the way, did a great job leading us in our new offensive approach. One of the things we were a little concerned about was at the wide out position.  It is wide open and those guys had a productive spring.  I would also like to thank those who attended our scrimmage and brought peanut butter.” The offensive unit looked sound and offensive coordinator John Robbins seemed pleased with where his unit is at this point for the 2016 season.  “Spring practice told us exactly what we needed to know heading into the summer. Offensively, the team is now proficient with our base personnel groups and playlist. Now we are able to identify the positions that have to be filled before August, which will be our 1st priority during summer workouts. We definitely ended on a high note with the spring scrimmage, and it’s clear that our guys have a ton of confidence in what they are doing.  Our goal going into the spring was to simplify our playbook so our guys could play quicker with more confidence and we were able to do that. “ Defensively, the Dogs have improved during the two week period.  MJ Webb and Quinn Williams are highly recruited on that side of the ball with multiple college coaches attending practices.  Defensive coordinator Allen Crowley told us, “I thought we handled the offensive sets, alignments, and the adjustments to motion pretty well.  We got pressure on the quarterback and our rush lanes down as well as keeping him contained even though the quarterbacks were in a non-contact situation.  We were looking to execute our pressure packages well and we did that.  We have a long way to go in our understanding of how hard you have to play to be successful.  Our tackling was OK, but not game ready and we are still trying to find some depth.” Crowley mentioned some of his unit that had significant improvement during spring practices. Logan Eaton, Cole Freeman, Reggie Banks, Donovan Nelson, Bralon Hill, Jason Fryzel, Dalton Cole, Brandon Smith, Richard Brooks, Tre Davis, Javis Benford, Cornelius Peterson, and Casey Cooper all will make an impact on defense next year. Returning starters on defense include MJ Webb, Quinn Williams, Keandre Williams, Jordan Huff, Jody McAlister, and Malik Chapman.  Crowley said, “All our starters had an excellent spring practice, but still need develop a bigger leadership role.”

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