David and Anna Gay Newell

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By Reann Huber


fter 50 years of being involved with missionary service, David and Anna Gay Newell from Neighborhood Gospel Missions (NGM) and Source of Light Ministries (SLM) will be retiring. May 30 will mark 50 years exactly that the two have been a part of missionary services and they are both thankful for all the opportunities and experiences given to them.

Being a part of missionary service was always a goal for David and Anna Gay, as they both felt God was leading them towards this line of service and they both took their own paths in spreading the gospel to people all around the world.

Their journey began when they were first introduced to Trans World Radio (TWR) through their church prior to them getting married in 1965. They filled out their application for missionary service, and by Nov. 1965, they were accepted into the missionary service program, with their first mission taking place in Bonaire, Netherlands Antilles.

It took some time for the two of them to raise enough money and support to start their first mission, but they officially began their service with TWR on May 30, 1966. David served as Transmitter Engineer, Procurement Supervisor, and layout artist, while Anna Gay served in the Music Production Department and Listener Follow-up, and as secretary.

David became involved with an amateur radio operator while he was enrolled in the Missions Program at Philadelphia College of Bible in 1959.

“You could see the way communications could be so effective using shortwave broadcasts,” David said in an interview. “That made me move in the direction of radio broadcasting.”

David later received his Amateur Radio Operator License after passing the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Test in 1962. This led him to have several positions with transmitters and broadcasting in his missionary service.

Anna Gay focused primarily on music towards the start of her missionary service. At the TWR location in Bonaire, Anna Gay was able to work in their studio and produce music in English, Spanish, and Portuguese.

“I would help with the Spanish music, and I played a couple of musical instruments,” said Anna Gay. “We produced some beautiful music that went out all over the world. I really, really enjoyed that.”

Both of them had several different positions that they filled along their missionary service, but were still able to spread the gospel through the several countries that their broadcasts reached, and the many countries they had the opportunity to minister in, including Peru, Chile, and Bolivia, and several Asian countries, like Korea, Japan, Singapore, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Mainland China, the Philippines, Cambodia, and India.

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