Get ready for the big Memorial Day Ceremony Monday!

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Rummmble . . . fwtt . . . fwtt . . . fwtt VAROOOOM! VAROOOOOOOOOM! Momma! Turn it off! What in the Sam Hill are you doin’ sitin’ on that Harley Davidson and where’d you get that leather outfit? Lord have mercy! Is that a skull on your helmet? Get the preacher! Get the doctor? Momma’s done gone nuts! What’d you mean you have a license to drive a motorcycle? Ding dang Momma! You ain’t never gonna get old! Well if you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em! Momma! Can I be your back warmer? To all y’all not accustomed to biker slang that means the friend on the back!

That’s right y’all! This comin’ Monday is Madison and Morgan County’s annual Memorial Day Ceremony, featurin’ the 18th Annual Ride for America. I reckon we’ll have ‘bout 250 or more bikers ridin’ from the American Legion Post #233 in Loganville all the way to Madison and back!

So anyhow, the motorcycle parade in Madison begins Monday, May 30 at 10:40 a.m., so expect some noise honey! The ceremony is at Town Park in downtown Madison and it begins at 11 a.m. This event is sponsored by the Calvin George, Post 37 of the American Legion to remember those Veterans who have given their lives for their country and for those who are serving today in our Armed Forces! Bring your own lawn chairs! Plus there will be free American Flags and cold water! See you there!

Hey and y’all are gonna flip! I’m so ding dang excited ‘cause Amelia’s Apparel and Barkin’ Dogs Shoe Co. are celebratin’ Memorial Day with select items 25 to 75 percent OFF from now til Monday May 30! Ok so Amelia’s and Barkin’ Dogs Shoe Co. are located right smack next to each other at 172 S. Main Street, in downtown Madison! Both of these shops have beautiful fashions and accessories! I’m talkin’ Johnny Was tunics and tops and OTBT shoes! Lord have mercy! Y’all don’t forget to get ahold of your handsome husband’s wallet with all of those fancy credit cards! YES! It is time for fashion treats!

And speakin’ of . . . Y’all don’t forget to check out the Madison Morgan County Chamber of Commerce’s Quality of Life magazine! It’s flat beautiful and available all over the county! Plus Amelia’s and Barkin’ Dogs Shoe Co. have one of the best ever half page ads in it! Thanks to all the advertisers who supported this 2016-2017 Chamber Quality of Life magazine!

Next up: The folks at the delish Bone Island GrillHouse at Lake Oconee wanted me to let all y’all know that they are gonna be open Sunday, May 29 in honor of Memorial Day from 4 p.m. until 8 p.m. Bone Island GrillHouse is one of our great Lake Oconee Living advertisers located at 920 Eatonton Road in Greensboro just a hop-an-a-skip on down the road! Check out their menu at!

Ding dang! Momma’s outside revvin’ up that motocycle so I’ve gotta split or I miss my fancy ride! We’re headin’ over to Lake Oconee to Weinbergers Furniture located at 1010 Commerce Drive in Greensboro ‘cause honey they are still celebratin’ with a great big SALE and we need some new livin’ room chairs! Now where is my leather pantsuit? Ok! See y’all next week! Be sweet and flat get outta Momma’s way on the road!

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