Greenspace finalizes plans for cemetery bridge

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By Reann Huber


Greenspace Commission furthers plans for the 40-foot bridge that will be installed along the “Cemetery Trail” between New and Fairview cemeteries at this month’s meeting, as well as putting together a committee to work on the Madison Land Trust.

In their previous meeting, commission members discussed the potential for a steel or aluminum bridge that would span the ravine in between New and Fairview cemeteries, but were waiting for further plans and quotes from different companies.

After receiving plans and their quotes, members decided an aluminum bridge would be best as that is what their engineer recommended and they were concerned about the weight of the steel bridge and further costs for installation.

There were other changes made to the original design of the bridge by members. Since some were concerned about the noise of an aluminum floor would cause, members voted for having a wood floor, made from the Brazilian wood that is less likely to rot in comparison to other woods. They also voted to have the railing made of the same wood.

Before further actions are taken in the actual construction and installment of the bridge, the commission wants to receive a final quote with the changes they desire and receive approval from the Cemetery Stewardship Commission.

Commission members are also looking to create a committee for the Madison Land Trust that will hold conservation easements placed on the City of Madison and the Downtown Development Authority property at a much lower cost.

The Madison Land Trust will be mirrored after the most prominent land trust in the surrounding area, which is the Athens Land Trust, and commission members had a chance to review a copy of it after last month’s meeting.

A goal for the creation of this committee is to ensure that there is not a majority of Greenspace Commission members on the committee, rather there is one Greenspace member, one conservancy member, and two or three at large members, as in members of the community.

For the committee, they are looking for members of the community who have an authoritative presence, who care about Greenspace, as well as being good public advocates for the commission and for the public good. Current members were asked to submit who they feel would be best as a Greenspace, conservancy, and at large representative for the land trust committee.

Chairman David Land would like to have the committee finalized by July, which would include reviewing bylaws for the land trust as well as receiving names and selection of members for the committee.

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