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Madison Police Department

On May 20 Daniel Chavez, 26, Madison was arrested and charged with possession of marijuana. According to reports, a Madison Police Department officer arrived at Chavez’s Garnett Street residence in response to reports that the front door of the residence was open. The officer approached the house to check on a possible burglary and allegedly observed Chavez and a second man sitting on a couch near the open front door. A pipe and loose suspected marijuana were observed, the officer reported. He also stated that Chavez said there was more marijuana in a kitchen cabinet. The officer also located a small amount of marijuana in a glass jar were Chavez told him it would be located. Chavez allegedly told the officer the marijuana belonged to him and the second man was released without charges.

On May 21 Devin Markez Garrett, 18, Madison was arrested and charged with interference with a business and disorderly conduct. According to reports, a 16-year-old male was also arrested and charged with the same charges. Reports state that Garrett and the 16-year-old engaged in a fight in front of Family Dollar, Eatonton Road. Reports state that the 16-year-old said Garrett asked him what he was looking at and the juvenile responded “I ain’t looking at much.” Garrett said the juvenile used a disparaging racial slur against him that triggered the fight. A family was attempting to leave the store when the fight started and ran back into the store, employees told officers.

On May 22  Robert Jermaine Hull, 31 Madison was arrested and charged with possession of a controlled substance and crossing the guard line with contraband. According to reports, Hull was stopped during a road block on Eatonton Road in front of Madison Rentals. Reports state that consequent to the stop, an officer determined that Hull was  both unlicensed and had active warrants against him. The officer detained Hull and after determining that the warrants were valid, transported Hull to the Morgan County Detention Center. After delivering and processing Hull, the officer checked the back seat area of his patrol car and allegedly located a folded bill that was taped shut and allegedly contained crystal methamphetamine.

On May 20 Andre V. Sharpe, 31, Chattanooga, Tenn. and Charles Dustin Watson, Soddy Daisy, Tenn. were both arrested and charged with interference with a business. According to reports, both men engaged in a fight while staying at the Quality Inn. Reports state that Sharpe allegedly approached Watson “in an aggressive manner” while Watson was attempting to brush his teeth. Reports state that both men were “highly intoxicated” and that Sharpe could relate some of the details of the altercation but Sharpe was “highly intoxicated and very uncooperative.” A window to the unit was broken during the fight.

On May 18 Elisha Mahone, 20, Madison was arrested and charged with robbery by sudden snatching, theft by receiving stolen property and interference with a business. Devonte Evcerett Cox, 24, Covington was charged with entering auto, disorderly conduct and interference with a business. John McGinty, 17, Madison was charged with possession of a firearm by a person under 18-years-old, possession of marijuana and disorderly conduct. Ervin Sutton was charged with crossing the guard line with drugs, possession of marijuana, driving while license suspended and disorderly conduct. According to reports, all four men were arrested following an altercation at the Ingles gas station parking lot. Reports allege that McGinty allegedly called Mahone and inquired if Mahone knew anyone that wanted to purchase a pistol. Sutton, along with his toddler, drove McGinty to the gas station where he was met by Mahone, who had been driven to the station by Cox. Mahone then exited Cox’s car and got into the car with McGinty who allegedly displayed a Smith and Wesson Bodyguard .38 Special (unloaded). Mahone allegedly snatched the pistol and ran. Sutton attempted to follow, reports state, but decided to block Cox’s car in the parking lot instead. Sutton removed the keys from Cox’s vehicle Cox ran to Sutton’s vehicle and grabbed a white Samsung smart phone. Sutton and McGinty then began to fight Cox, which is how police found them when they arrived at the gas station at 5:45 p.m. Mahone had fled on foot. Cox, Sutton and McGinty were all arrested at the scene and the toddler was given to a good Samaritan to be taken to its mother. After Sutton was processed at the Morgan County Detention Center, an officer allegedly found a small amount of marijuana in a plastic bag under the back seat of his patrol car.  Mahone later contacted police and told them that he had not snatched the pistol. He later recounted and said he did have the revolver. He was then arrested as well.

On May 18 Frankie Lee Jones, 25, Wetumpka , Ala. was arrested and charged with interference with a business. According to reports, officers responded to the Quality Inn, Eatonton Road after an employee alleged that on four occasions guests had called and complained about Jones using curse words and loud language in the parking lot between 11 p.m. and 2 a.m. The complainant said Jones then came into the office and continued to argue with his boss. An officer reported that he “smelled a strong odor of an alcoholic beverage coming from (Jones’) breath.

On May 20 a criminal damage to property complaint was filed at  Piedmont Recycling, Fairgrounds Road. According to reports, an employee said when he arrived he observed that someone had driven a trash truck to the middle of the company’s driveway to block the driveway and then had broken out the drivers and passenger door windows. A second truck at the business had been rifled through, reports state.

On May 19 an affray complaint was filed at a Harris Avenue residence. According to reports, a woman alleged that a second woman, known to her, prevented her from closing her car door and then struck her. The complainant alleged that the woman then entered an apartment and returned with a black pistol with a pink grip. Reports allege that the altercation began over Facebook comments. The second woman was interviewed and denied producing a handgun but did show an officer a black taser weapon with a pink handle. The second woman said she secured the weapon because the complainant’s boyfriend had allegedly threatened her.

On May 19 a forgery complaint was filed at the Exxon gas station, Monticello Road. According to reports, an employee at the station said a customer retrieved two $20 bills from an ATM machine at the store. When the customer attempted to use one of the $20 bills to purchase a lottery ticket from a machine, the machine rejected the bill as counterfeit.

Morgan County Sheriff’s Office

On May 22 an illegal dumping complaint was filed at a Sandy Creek Road location after a woman alleged that a white male was dumping trash on her neighbor’s property. According to reports, the property owner told a deputy that she had already spoken to an officer and the alleged offender had promised to clean up the property but, instead, dumped more trash on the property. Contact was made with the suspect who said the property owner’s nephew had led him to believe that the nephew owned the property and that he was agreeable to trash being dumped on the property. The  suspect promised to have the trash cleaned up by Wednesday.

On May 22 a burglary complaint was filed at a Doster Road residence after a woman stated that when she returned home at 6:15 p.m. she noticed someone had entered her residence through a back door. Reports state that $100 in cash, an IPad 2 mini, a Louis Vuitton case, sawzall, stud finder, diamond wedding ring set, diamond cross necklace, trash bags, toilet paper and paper towels were taken.

On May 22 Brandon Attileo Reda, 18, Rutledge was arrested and charged with battery. According to reports, Reda allegedly struck a man who was a passenger in the truck Reda was driving. Reports allege that the contact came after the man allegedly criticized Reda’s driving ability. Reda said he struck the man only after he got out of the vehicle and the man took control of the vehicle and allegedly swerved as if to strike Reda with the vehicle. The man suffered a swollen left eye.

On May 21 a damage to property complaint was filed at Hard Labor Creek State Park, Rutledge after a park employee stated that a large white box-style Chevrolet pickup truck with after-market exhaust crashed through a gate crossing Hard Labor Creek Road, turned around and exited toward Walton County at a high rate of speed. The incident occurred at 12:46 a.m.

On May 21 an off road vehicles on roadway complaint was filed at a Jim Thomas Road location after a deputy responded to a complaint of an off-road vehicle on Jim Thomas Road. When the deputy arrived he allegedly observed three men. He recognized one of the men sitting on a red Honda off-road motorcycle on the right-of-way of the road. The deputy reported that he made contact with all three men who had off-road vehicles. He said he explained to the men that riding on the road was illegal. The men said they had only ridden a short stretch on the road in order to get to trial head. The men also allegedly told the deputy that they did not know the owner of the property in which the trail was located. The deputy issued all three men warning citations and impounded their vehicles. The vehicles were to be released on May 23.

On May 20 Charles Scott Gerrin, 50, homeless, was arrested on outstanding warrants from both Morgan and Putnam counties. According to reports, Gerrin presented himself to a deputy at the Morgan County Public Safety Center at 5:15 p.m. and told the deputy that he had outstanding warrants and wanted to turn himself in to law enforcement authorities.

On May 18 Jaborice Marico Moore, 21, Madison was arrested and charged with felony in possession of a gun. According to reports, authorities stated that they had received information that Moore was in  possession of a weapon and when they searched a room in  a Morgan Circle apartment in which Moore was living, they located a Taurus 9mm.

On May 18 a suspicious incident report was filed at the 106 mile marker eastbound Interstate 20. According to reports, officers observed a nude black male standing inside a ditch on the side of the interstate at 4:15 a.m.. A white locked Kia was parked close by. The man said his girlfriend “was playing tricks on him.” His clothing was located nearby but officers could not locate the keys to the vehicle. The man said he had just been released from a Bibb County jail and needed a ride to Covington. The man was given a courtesy ride to a BP Station at exit 98 in Covington.

On May 18 a theft by taking complaint was filed at a Sewell Church Road, Mansfield residence after a man alleged that his daughter had taken 63 Hydrocodone pills from his wife.

On May 16 a theft by taking and stalking complaint was filed at a Village Road residence. According to reports, a woman said her boyfriend’s ex-girlfriend had come to the residence to get personal belongings and also took a movie. The complainant said the woman had not returned the movie. She also alleged that the ex-girlfriend drove close to her car, followed her in the grocery store and drove by her job.

On May 16 a verbal dispute complaint was filed at an Estes Road, Rutledge residence after a woman alleged that her estranged husband took his van and left her with no way of retrieving food, drinks and cigarettes. Reports state that the woman drove the van to a house next to the man’s house and parked in the back. The complainant said the man walked over drove the van to his house and allegedly disabled the van in order to prevent the woman from driving the van to get food, drinks or cigarettes. The woman said the couple was soon to be divorced. The man agreed to let the woman use the van and he left to spend the night in an house in Monroe.

On May 16, a theft by taking complaint was filed at an Old Mill Road cemetery after a woman reported that someone had taken flowers and an arrangement from her mother’s grave. Reports state that the woman believes her sister may have taken the flowers “out of spite.”

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