Moore out, Hayes, Sellers join Elections Board

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By Reann Huber


The Board of Elections and Registration (BOER) swore in a new board member and appointed a new chairman in place of David Moore who recently resigned from BOER at this month’s meeting.

Scott Sellers was sworn in under an official and loyalty oath by Judge Charles Merritt to fill one of the recently vacated BOER positions. Sellers will be a representative for the Republican Party.

A motion was later made by Sellers to appoint Kirby Hayes to serve as the new Chairman of the BOER and it was unanimously approved by the rest of the board members.

Hayes wanted to let the board know that the previous chairman left due to other commitments and that he has similar ones.

“I will ask you if I don’t have time to do [something] or if I feel I don’t have adequate time to do it,” said Hayes to the board members. “I will ask and hope you step forward.”

Members also discussed the potential of having Sunday voting hours and/or extended voting hours around the time of the presidential election in the fall. Since it is important to have as many opportunities for people to vote during that time, it was considered having more availability for residents across the county by extending the current voting times.

“I think [Sunday voting] would get more people engaged in the process because you could then make it a family affair,” said board member Helen Butler. “You could also make it a church affair since people do a lot of things together at church. I’m trying to promote people becoming more engaged in the process. I would like extended hours as well.”

There were concerns since so far Morgan County has been running behind in vote numbers in early voting in comparison to adjacent counties, so it might benefit to have further opportunities to vote come fall.

A motion was made to move forward with Sunday and/or extended hour voting in Morgan County for the presidential election in the fall, and it lead to a split decision among board members that was decided by Hayes to not move forward with the voting extension.

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