Chase rips through Buckhead

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By Jamison Hooks


A high-speed chase beginning in Greene County ended with the seizure of a stolen vehicle, drugs, two semi-automatic weapons, and the arrest of a convicted-felon, John Lamar Pelican.

“The chase was initiated in our county and Deputy McCannon got behind him and chased him through Morgan County into Putnam,” explained Greene County Sheriff Donnie Harrison.

At 2:19 pm on May 26, Greene County Deputy Robert McCannon was traveling west on GA 402 when he noticed a grey Dodge Charger with North Carolina plates. McCannon initially pursued the vehicle for failure to maintain lane.

According to the incident report, Deputy McCannon ran the tag number and discovered that the tag was registered to a 2016 Chevy Equinox. The tag had also been reported stolen by the Fayetteville Police Department.

After activating his emergency equipment to stop the vehicle, the driver continued into Morgan County and then began to slow down. The driver then put on his turn signal as if he were stopping and suddenly accelerated to over 100 miles per hour.

The driver sped recklessly through a median nearly striking another vehicle and then reached a speed of 121 miles per hour.

The driver then threw a white bag out the passenger side window at which point Officer McCannon notified dispatch to alert the Morgan County Sheriff’s Office and the Georgia State Patrol.

The driver continued west and exited off GA 402 onto Exit 121 where the driver eventually turned into a gas station on Seven Islands Rd nearly striking a truck pulling a cattle trailer as well as pedestrians in the parking lot.

The chase continued out of the parking lot and almost ended when the driver lost control of the vehicle in an attempt to turn onto Cedar Grove Rd.  The Charger crashed and almost flipped but landed back on all four tires.

The driver then made a U-turn back onto Seven Islands Road and continued across the GA 402 overpass leading to Buckhead.

The reckless chase continued as the driver nearly T–¬boned a white Chevrolet truck and almost hit a construction worker.

The pursuit continued past Sugar Creek Marina where Deputy Robert Butler from the Putnam County Sheriff’s Office was waiting with Stinger Spikes deployed.

The Charger hit the spikes and the driver coasted into Gil’s Automotive Services. The driver then exited the vehicle with what appeared to be a black bag. The driver began to run at which point McCannon deployed his K-9 partner Renzo.

The driver ran around the shop and tossed his bag into the woods.  Deputy Christopher Johnson ordered the male driver to the ground with his weapon drawn and K-9 Renzo was re-called as McCannon handcuffed the driver.

The driver was identified as John Lamar Pelican from Alexandria, Louisiana.

McCannon discovered a suspected marijuana “blunt” behind Pelican’s right ear. Dispatch also notified McCannon that Pelican was wanted in Texas.

After searching Pelican’s belongings, McCannon located two firearms, a Bryco 59 9 MM semi-automatic pistol and a Ruger P 345, 45 Caliber semi-automatic with a scratched off serial number.

McCannon also located a small jar with suspected marijuana.

Dispatch notified that Pelican was already a convicted felon and that the Charger had been reported stolen as well.

“Pelican wound up here from Alexandria, Louisiana. It was just one of those things that we catch off the interstate,” said Sheriff Harrison.

According to the incident report Pelican was charged with firearm possession by a convicted felon, failure to maintain lane, reckless driving, driving without a license, Violation of GA control substance act, Theft by receiving stolen property, theft by bringing stolen property into state, possession of a firearm with altered serial number, and fleeing an attempting to elude.

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