City’s budget numbers have $1.8M change

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By Tia Lynn Ivey

managing editor

The Madison Mayor and City Council were anticipating the adoption of the 2017 Fiscal Year that would be more than a $3 million decrease from this year’s budget. But a miscalculation made while comparing this year’s proposed budget with last year’s amended budget was corrected this week, which revealed the new proposed budget is only a $1.8 million decrease from this year’s budget. The 2017 Fiscal Year budget is totalled $13.8 million, down from last year’s amended budget of $15.7 million.

Since the proposed budget’s total remained the same, the city still anticipates to be able to adopt the rollback millage rate later this summer.

The council addressed the new total at the May 27 budget hearing.

“It’s still a significant decrease,” said Fred Perriman, Madison Mayor.

Councilman Joe DiLetto praised City Manager David Nunn and City’s Finance Officer Karen Stapp for their thorough attention to the new budget.

“We have been through this page by page by page together,” said DilLetto. “I was really positive coming out of that meeting and if Karen didn’t know the answer to my questions, David did, and vice versa. If ya’ll want to get real comfortable with this budget, I recommend you do the same, look at each entry to see where it’s going and how its getting there…I am proud of what they’ve come up with.”

City councilman Bobby Crawford wanted to review the budget and potentially add more funds to infrastructure, specifically to street and sidewalk repairs.

“We have neglected a lot of streets for a long time,” said Crawford. “We need a little something more put in the budget for it.”

The Madison City Council will vote on the proposed budget at the Monday, June 13 at 5:30 p.m. during the monthly regular meeting at the City’s new meeting hall located at 160 North Main Street in Madison.

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