Driver asleep in drive–through charged

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By Patrick Yost


An 18-year-old Madison teen was arrested and charged with DUI drugs after he allegedly parked his vehicle in the drive-through lane of Arby’s, Eatonton Road, and fell asleep.

According to Madison Police Department reports, Davidson D. Kitchens was arrested at approximately 10:30 a.m. on Tuesday, May 24 after Officer Devin Williams was called to the Arby’s parking lot following a report that a burgundy Jeep Grand Cherokee had been parked in the drive through for more than 20 minutes.

Williams reported that when he arrived he attempted to awake Kitchens by announcing his presence and using his “take down” lights on top of his patrol vehicle. Williams reported that he observed Kitchens sitting motionless in the vehicle, even after he had attempted to awaken him. The vehicle was in park and the keys were in the ignition, reports state.

Williams reported he feared Kitchens “was deceased” based on his lack of response to stimuli but that he checked the suspect and got a pulse. He said he physically shook Kitchens. “After several attempts to gain Kitchens’ attention through verbal questions and physically shaking Kitchens… Kitchens slowly opened his eyes and immediately closed them.”

Williams reported that Kitchens “speech was slurred and thick.”

A manager at Arby’s reported that Kitchens had placed an order in the drive-through but had parked the vehicle in the drive-through line and never retrieved his order. Williams reported that Kitchens had cash on his lap when he exited the vehicle.

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