‘Never too late’ foster kids program explained

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By Reann Huber


Morgan County residents will be able to learn more about foster care, as well as potentially adopting their own children through a program being done by a Jasper County resident and his wife.

Dr. John DeGarmo and his wife, Kelly DeGarmo, have been foster parents to over 50 children within the past 13 years and have created their own foster care program for boys between the ages of nine and 18 called Never Too Late.

The foster home is located in Monticello, Ga. and they are currently in the process of renovating the building, which will house 16 boys when completed.

This home is meant to serve foster children throughout the Middle Georgia area and allow them to gain skills they will need in the future, as well as give them a chance to find a new home.

DeGarmo discussed that boys within the nine to 18-year-old range are less likely to be adopted by families as many families looking into foster care want younger children, babies, and girls. Once a foster child turns 18, they are aged out of foster homes where 55 percent of them drop out of school, 65 percent become homeless, and 75 percent end up in jail.

Boys in this home will be able to learn several valuable skills that they would not be able to learn elsewhere, as well as learning how to fill out job applications.  They will also go down different paths whether boys would like to go down a military, technical school, or college path. DeGarmo has spoken with many foster parents, children, and to churches across Georgia and will be speaking at churches in Madison.

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