‘Patience and love’ on display on East Washington

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Jamison Hooks


It’s impossible to miss the magnificent garden in front of an East Washington Street home belonging to Madison native, Elaine Williams.

Although she has received criticism from a few, Williams explains that she regularly receives praise and complements from complete strangers.

“I’ve had people I don’t even know stop me and tell me they love my flowers,” said Williams.

Year round Williams dedicates herself to keeping the most colorful and vibrant yard in Madison.

From petunias to pansies, the eye-catching garden has slowed traffic ever since it’s start.

“Ever since I can remember I’ve had a garden and each year it increases more and more.”

Keeping a beautiful yard is more than just a hobby for Williams.

“The yard is my sanctuary, it’s my place to talk to the Lord and relieve stress. I often spend all day working with my plants and don’t realize how much time has passed.”

In addition to her career as a caregiver, Williams also works for local flower company Le Petit Jardin.

“I have been working at Le Petit Jardin for about four years now. I really love helping with weddings and reviving any sick plants,” said Williams.

Williams explained that a passion for plants and gardening was passed down to her.

“I just love plants. I got it from my mother and grandmother,” said Williams.

When asked the secret to being a successful gardener Williams had an instant response.

“Just have patience and love.”

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