Summer time and the walking’s easy

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Summertime! Ding dang! It’s a perfect, sun shiny day on the . . . . Shoot Fire! Somebody just texted me a picture of Momma at Town Park blowin’ fire! She has a hat out in front of her for donations! This is what happens when Momma runs through her shoppin’ money too quick! Lord have mercy! She’s usin’ her special batch of White Lightnin’ as fuel! Come on! We’ve gotta stop her before The Law picks her up! She ain’t got a street performer license!

Whew! That was close! Momma’s flat nail spittin’ mad as a hornet! Well she’ll just have to get glad in the same britches she got mad in ‘cause it’s outdoor dancin’ season in Morgan County!

That’s right y’all! There’s gonna be a FREE concert in Town Park in downtown Madison this Thursday night, June 9 from 7 – 9 p.m. starrin’ The Jugtime Ragband! Just grab a delish supper from one of our fab restaurants. Honey, I mean we have loads of choices right downtown! Well anyhow, bring a blanket, a cooler with your favorite beverage, and sit down for a fab show with friends!

Ok y’all, we all need to get tickets for Saturday night’s Lip Sync Competition hosted by the Humane Society of Morgan County! Saturday, June 11 at 7 p.m. at the United Methodist Church in downtown Madison, we will have the first ever Lip Sync Battle and Dessert Bar event! Tickets are $10 for one or $30 for a table of four!  Contact the Humane Society of Morgan County at 706-343-9977 if you want tickets or to sign up to Lip Sync your favorite song!!! You don’t want to miss this one! And speakin’ of four-legged furry friends, honey you have got to get over to Main Street Vet’s new location at 1311 Eatonton Road in Madison! Y’all! It is flat beautiful! I popped in there just yesterday and was super impressed! So they now have five examination rooms which will speed up service, state-of-the-art surgery and recovery areas, brand new boarding areas —including several window units for large animals —and expanded boarding packages! Oh and y’all are gonna flip when you see the new grooming area! It’s just beautiful! Yes! Check it out y’all and tell Dr. James Williams Biz Buzz sent you!

Hey y’all! Father’s Day is fast approachin’! I mean it’ll be June 19 before you can say Biz Buzz! Check out the Father’s Day ads in this week’s newspaper! First up! Daddy is always hungry, so honey Ricardo of Ricardo’s Kouzzina is gonna host an end-all-be-all Father’s Day Brunch Buffet Event on Sunday, June 19 from 11 a.m. until 2:30 p.m.! You had best go ahead and call for reservations! I’m talkin’ prime rib, omelet station, seafood selections, pasta selections, salad selections and to-die-for desserts! And, don’t forget fab brunch cocktails! Yep! It’s gonna be THAT good for sure!  Ricardo’s is located at 271 West Washington St., in Madison at Town Park! Call 706-342-0729 for reservations! Ricardo! Reserve us a table of five for real at 11:15! Cannot wait!

Momma says PawPaw stomps around in his dirty work boots everywhere he goes, and she’s flat tired of it! That’s why she’s headin’ over to Barkin’ Dogs Shoe Co., located at 172 South Main Street in downtown Madison! Honey, Barkin’ Dogs has just what Daddy wants: Hoka, Merrell, Sperry, Keen, Rainbow . . . I mean—get those dogs some new kicks! Check out the ad in this week’s Citizen!

Hey and last, but not least, head over to Back to Wellness Clinic at 113 FairPlay St., in Rutledge for the free Restoring Health Series, Monday, June 13 at 6:30 p.m. for a one-hour health seminar that could change your life! Speaker Jacquelyn Sheppard, author of the newly published book, Silent Takeover will talk about how to change the power of your genetics, help with emotional, mental or addictive disorders and learning or behavior problems.

Ok that’s it for the Buzz on Biz! Y’all be sweet, and buy a neighbor lunch like the Wendy’s manager did yesterday for the Citizen’s Creative Director Tracey Buckalew! Tracey got over there and forgot her money card, so the manager treated her to lunch. Tracey went back again today and paid it foward by buying lunch for the car next in line. Keep it going, y’all!

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