Calling all Angels

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By Tia Lynn Ivey

managing editor

Local Photographer, Brandy Angel, is orchestrating a unique opportunity for local people to participate in the filming a new movie while simultaneously helping her charity organization, The Brandy Angel Foundation. Every person who shows up to play an extra in new movie Step Sisters will help garner funds for the Brandy Angel Foundation, which will be used to purchase cameras for the terminally ill, so families can take top notch photographs, documenting their own stories and creating invaluable memories and keepsakes to last long after their loved ones are gone. The casting agency will donate a small sum on behalf of each extra that shows up for the Brandy Angel Foundation. Angel’s goal is to raise $5000 to purchase the cameras for her clients currently in treatment.

“The film needs up to $3000 people for the scene, so the more we get, the better,” said Angel. “If we were to surpass our monetary goal for the cameras, there are so many programs we would love to be able to put into place for the local families in need.”

The movie Step Sisters, starring Eden Shur, Megalyn Echikunwoke and Lyndon Smith, is currently being filmed in downtown Atlanta and is in need of a large crowd of extras for a scene depicting a dance competition.

“Every single person I get to come in the name of Be The Change- Brandy Angel Foundation will be a donation per person towards the foundation. PLUS you get to hang out on a movie set, watch a cool step dance competition AND be in a movie, which is pretty cool,” explained Angel. “We will be one “step” closer to the cameras for our families in treatment! Pun intended.”

The location of the filming will be held at Morehouse College, located at 830 Westview Drive SW in Atlanta, Ga. Participants just need to tell staff that they are with Be the Change-Brandy Angel Foundation when they arrive.

According to the film’s bio, “Step Sisters centers on an ambitious black sorority girl (Echikunwoke) who, in order to get admitted to the law school of her dreams, agrees to cross cultural lines and teach the exclusive art of black Greek stepping to a band of wild, party-obsessed white sorority girls whose charter is about to be revoked.”

The dance-comedy film is in need of all sorts of people, young and old, tall and short, made up of all colors, shapes, and sizes to comprise the audience in the scene. All the extras have to do is show up at 9 a.m. on Wednesday, June 29 to participate.

For more information on how to participate in the name of the Brandy Angel Foundation, e-mail Brandy at and include the subject line “Step Sisters.”

Brandy teamed up with Jamie Catrett, owner of Catrett & Associates Casting, to create this fund drive.

“We chose to work with Be the Change [effort, from] The Brandy Angel Foundation because the whole team instantly fell in love with Brandy Angel and her message,” said Catrett. Catrett is no stranger to philanthropic efforts.

“I’ve done something sort-of similar a few years back for another film, but this time my team and I formed what I call a ‘casting think tank’ and we just started sprouting off ideas as fast as we could. We take an idea, expound upon it, and every member of the team keeps throwing out their ideas. So this time, we decided to add a donation drive… Also, my stepfather is a preacher, so I grew up volunteering at a food pantry in Alabama. We’re mainly a casting company of bleeding hearts when it comes down to it.”

Catrett and her team came up with the idea, knowing it would be mutually beneficial for both the production company and the Brandy Angel Foundation.  “The reason the production company agreed to do this was because they need to fill a small arena with people. It was beneficial for them,” explained Catrett.

“I think it’s amazing that she wants to give back this way and offer an awesome experience for a lot of people who may not have this opportunity,” said Brandy Angel. “After her assistant called me to ask about my non-profit and to explain the idea, she checked out my website and called me herself. We talked for two-and-a-half hours! She said my foundation was so near to her heart because she lost her grandfather five years ago to cancer and she treasures a photo of him holding her hand right before he passed.”

“Being able to team up with a movie like this is an unbelievable opportunity! I think it’s an easy way for the community to give back and have an experience they may never have had the chance to do! Not to mention watch a step dance competition!” added Brandy Angel.

Brandy has also recruited Lakeside Travel and Transportation to help provide rides to those wanting to participate.

“They will be offering a free ride to the movie set for those needing a reliable transport! More details will be announced on my website and Facebook,” said Angel, who noted that a limited number of people would be able to use the free ride offer by signing up.

Be the Change also has another fun event planned later this summer on Sunday, July 17. “We are so excited to offer a fanstay photo session of the kids of Be The Change- Brandy Angel Foundation and their siblings. Bombshell Creations is offerering hair and make-up, Brandy Angel Photography, LLC., K.Hopkins Photography & Victoria Huff Photography are offering free photography and digital images. Le Petit Jardin & JL Designs are donating flowers and flower crowns and Mama’s Boy is donating food. We have had costumes donated from amazing people from all over the world and beautiful accessories for your children to feel beautiful and magical for an afternoon,” explained Angel.

Angel is asking interested participants to RSVP by July 1 through the Facebook event page: (


“We are all so excited to bring this day together. Sickness, tragedies and hardships affect the whole family and we want everyone to have the chance to bring to life some fantasies come true!” added Angel. To volunteer for the event, contact Brandy Hayes Angel (919) 274-1771 or email her at: All volunteers are welcome to include their own children in the shoot.

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