Couple asleep in truck charged with heroin possession

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By Jamison Hooks


On June 15 at 1:50 a.m. 31-year-old Charles Starnes and 31-year-old Kera Sharpe were arrested and charged with possession of heroin.

Corporal Andy Cason of the Morgan County Sheriff’s Office responded to a suspicious vehicle located at 1740 Seven Islands Road.

When Cason approached the 1991 Ford Ranger he noticed a male and female sleeping inside the vehicle.

Cason approached the truck and asked the couple inside why they were sleeping.

According to the incident report, the woman advised Cason that the vehicle ran out of gas and someone was on the way to help.

Cason ran the names of the two individuals and discovered that the female, Kera Sharpe had an active warrant out of Columbia County for failure to appear.

At this time, Morgan County Deputy O’Kelley arrived to assist Cason.

O’Kelley approached the male, Charles Starnes, who was still sitting in the driver seat of the truck. O’Kelley noticed a black bag hanging from the gear shifter.

O’Kelley asked Starnes to show him the contents of the bag. At this time Starnes removed a small clear cylinder with white crystalline residue inside.

According to the incident report, Starnes then began to fidget with the bag as he removed another small container and handed it to O’Kelley.

Starnes also attempted to discretely remove a third container and drop it in his lap between his legs.

O’Kelley ordered Starnes to hand him the container. Inside that container was a green baggie containing a quantity of white crystalline substance.

The incident report states that Starnes did not know what the drugs were. When Corporal Cason asked Starnes if it was Methamphetamine Starnes stated no. Cason then asked Starnes if it was heroin, Starnes then stated yes. Starnes also stated the heroin was not his.

When Sharpe was asked about the substance she advised she and Starnes were using heroin earlier in the day but did not know it was inside the vehicle.

Upon further search of the vehicle, O’Kelley located another green baggie of crystalline substance, a box of hypodermic needles and an aluminum can bottom which appeared as if it were used to cook illicit substances.

A small digital scale was also located in the search.

Both Starnes and Sharpe were charged with possession of a schedule 1 controlled substance and possession and use of drug related objects.

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