Board of Commissioners adopt roll back tax rate for 2016– 2017

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By Jamison Hooks


The Morgan County Board of Commissioners (BOC) has kept their promise to do everything possible to adopt a rollback millage rate.

Andy Ainslie made the motion to approve the FY 2017 budget as presented last week at the BOC meeting, which lowered the current millage rate from 11.310 to 11.187.

The approved total budget for 2017 is $22,706,661.

The .12 mil rollback was approved in a 3 to 1 vote where Commissioner Philip Clack opposed.

Clack opposed the budget arguing that taking a rollback for the sake of taking a roll back isn’t right.

“I think instead of taking a roll back we need to put money in our fund balance, I don’t support this,” stated Clack.

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