Bostwick is the “Remedy”

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By Reann Huber

staff writer

As the latest Zac Brown Band, video hit the airwaves, some Bostwick residents may recognize some familiar faces and backgrounds. The Zac Brown Band, a popular, Grammy Award winning country group, chose downtown Bostwick to be the site of their latest music video.

The City of Bostwick and Mayor John Bostwick had the opportunity to be featured in part one of the popular country group, Zac Brown Band’s three-part mini-movie titled “Remedy” after one of the songs off their Jekyll + Hyde album.

Throughout the Zac Brown Band’s trilogy, the music videos tell a story of a girl who is trying “to escape from her self-destructive lifestyle and her alcoholic mother,” as stated in description of the videos.

Mayor Bostwick is featured in the first video to give guidance to the girl when she was younger.

He’s seen driving a tractor through a field and then walking towards the girl. He shows a scar on his arm to her that is meant to represent “fear of [himself].” They end their conversation talking about fire, as it is seen several times throughout the trilogy, and the little girl says to Bostwick, “I hope you see fire in your dreams, only because it heals you.”

“It was a great experience for it to be filmed here in Bostwick, with even some scenes being on my farm,” said Mayor Bostwick. “Seeing how they did all the scenes once it was all put together was really interesting. It was an overall great experience.”

Other scenes that feature the City of Bostwick showed the girl when she is older running down Bostwick Road in front of the Susie Agnes Hotel, where local Bostwick resident, Claudine Leachmon can be seen shouting to the girl to run away from her alcoholic mother.

Mayor Bostwick and the rest of city council see this as a great opportunity to be featured in Zac Brown Band’s music video. It helps promote their town more, especially with the other attention they have received in films shot there.

“We’re a very small town and it is an honor and privilege for Zac Brown Band to see our town as worthy for this music video,” said councilwoman Angie Howard. “It’s great for our community and Morgan County. We all benefit from the movie and music industry.”

In previous years, the City of Bostwick has been featured in several other film projects, including My Cousin Vinny, Footloose 2, In Dubious Battle, Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman, as well as The Accountant starring Ben Affleck that was shot on Bostwick’s city limits. The Accountant is set to hit theaters in October of 2016.

“Bostwick is a very welcoming town and always has been,” said Mayor Bostwick. “Films have been shot here for over 30 years and I think movie scouts know it’s a great place to film.”

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