Bostwick legend Walter Ruark to be honored at Fourth BBQ

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By Jamison Hooks


Bostwick will celebrate Independence Day with it’s Annual 4th of July BBQ and a special visit from Patricia Ruark Fleming, the daughter of Bostwick WW2 Veteran and UGA football legend, Walter Ruark.

While in town for the BBQ, make sure to stop in at the Susie Agnes Hotel where Fleming will be displaying some of her father’s most prized belongings.

“I will be bringing my daddy’s uniform from the University and the footballs from the Rose Bowl and Orange Bowl,” said Fleming.

Walter “Chief” Ruark was born in Bostwick on November 16, 1918 and was an athletic and heroic leader.

Ruark played football for UGA and was apart of the team when the Bulldogs won their first ever National Championship.

The Bostwick native then received multiple offers to play in the National Football League and finally signed with the Cleveland Rams.

Ruark’s professional football aspirations were cut short due to World War II.

Ruark was 24 years old when he began serving as a Staff Sergeant in the 47th Infantry Regiment of the Ninth Division in World War II.

In 1944 at age 26 Ruark led a five-man patrol through Belgium searching for enemy snipers.

It was then that Ruark was killed instantaneously from one shot by a German Sniper.

Ruark was honored for his service and bravery with a Silver Star and a Purple Heart. His daughter is proud of her father’s legacy and is happy to share his memory with his hometown.

Don’t miss your chance to check out some local history this 4th of July.

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