Morgan County Fire Chief Council considers regional games

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By Reann Huber


The Morgan County Fire Chief Council discussed the potential of other forms of referrals to those in disaster situations and getting involved with regional departments for firefighter games at this month’s meeting held at the Public Safety Complex.

After the success of this year’s firefighter games, County Fire Chief Jeff Stone proposed to the rest of the council having a regional firefighter game, where the counties involved would create their own teams.

“There are 24 different departments that I’m inviting here in a couple weeks to have a meeting, one, just to get everyone to know each other since we’re kind of the eastern region of the state, and two, to venture out and see if they’d be interested in doing a regional challenge here,” said Stone.

This past year’s county games proved to be a success with around 150 people who came out to the event. The winners were Station 3 located in Bostwick, with a combination team of Station 9 and 12 coming in second, and Station 2 in third.

Stone said the one downside of this year’s games was the heat. If the regional firefighter games go into effect, they plan to have the regional games in the fall and the county games to be moved to the spring.

Council members also got to hear from ServiceMaster Clean representatives that work with those who have experienced smoke and fire damage and provide better restoration processes that would be easier than “do-it-yourself” methods.

“When you get that fire call, the homeowner is in disarray and distressed, and that’s where our card comes in,” said ServiceMaster Marketing Specialist, Kristen Allen.

The representatives were hoping for a referral whenever homeowners are unsure what to do after they have had any kind of damage, mainly fire and smoke as that is what the firefighters would experience the most. They are offering to clean their gear and uniforms for free, with pick up and delivery available to them as a thank you to their service.

“Homeowners who just lost everything or half of everything, they’re not thinking,” said Stone. “Handing out the pamphlet is not reaching any ethical bounds… It’s nothing more than providing information to the people we’re servicing.”

Members also brought up the need for CPR recertification classes, with some being needed across multiple stations. Stone suggested that it would be better if they tried to get all recertification done around the same time, potentially in January and February.

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